Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

  • Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 6.28.50 PM

    Make Moody Love Not Porn!

    Is there anything sexier than watching naked bodies moving together in moody black and white? Featuring an all new round of b&w #backdoor action from the ever-epic Violet+Rye,…

  • rickat

    Make Radiant Love Not Porn!

    You know that post #realworldsex glow you get after a particularly rousing romp? The one you can’t get from anything other than some sweet, sweet lovin’? Well, this…

  • images

    Talk about it! Make a Yes, No, Maybe list to get what you want in the sack!

    It’s often easier to just have sex than to talk about it. But, if you’re not talking about what turns you on and gets you off with your partner(s) this can lead to a…

  • dorisdawn1

    Make Cheeky Love Not Porn!

    It’s time to have some fun! So, get comfortable, let your guard down and allow our MLNPstars to lead the way to some no holds barred, throwing caution to the wind-style,…

  • Doris

    Make Blooming Love Not Porn!

    Just like the crocuses that pop up out of the ground signalling Spring, MLNPstars new and seasoned are peeking their heads out from under their winter covers and sharing brand…

  • LoveandLasagna

    LoveandLasagna share their favorite #realworldsex videos!

    We’re so excited to share something that we haven’t done in a while: a member-curated edition. Loveandlasagna have quickly risen to MakeLoveNotPornSuperStar status,…

  • Be Madam Curator for a day: curate your own edition for!

    Ever fantasized about being MadamCurator/MonsieurCurator/YouCurator, and curating your very own MLNP edition out of all of your #realworldsex favorites? Well, now you can! Send a…

  • tumblr_ma1h8rfTer1ru2ny9

    Insextor Gadget

    Updated for awesomeness April 24, 2015. They say the biggest sex organ is between your ears, so if you’re planning on submitting a #realworldsex video to, why not try…


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