Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Designers’ lament inception sketch :: the result of a spirited charrette involving cindy, sarah, corey, michael, oonie and special guests rachel rabbit white and jincey lumpkin.

Updated October 2016 by Madam Curator

our design brief for was this:

it must be radically and elegantly simple.  pull extraneous flourishes out, streamline language.  essentially:  it’s the content, stupid.

it must be easy-peasy.  this is both a ‘duh’ and, in this space, a bigger challenge than you might think.  the legal challenge here alone was substantial. we work with two law firms – frankfurt kurnit klein & selz and pepper law group – to make sure that MLNPTV is totally, utterly and reassuringly legit, even when that conflicted massively with usability.

it must be “cool as fucking shit”.  really, this goes without saying. it couldn’t inherit any tropes, couldn’t be overly self-conscious.  and it had to satisfy cindy’s definition of “cool” (no pressure…).

finally, it must be an experience where, unless you’re actually watching a video, you never, ever have to do this when someone walks by/sits down next to you you/otherwise intrudes on your private time:

yeah.  solving that brief has been, shall we say, singular in its prickly joy.

if the experience we designed looks familiar, it should – we’re taking what you currently do (and enjoy) on social networking sites like facebook, twitter and others and applying it to #realworldsex.

or, i should say, we will be doing more so.  we’re in our infancy.  hence, the lament…

i think speak for all of us on the design team – michael, daniel, charlie and myself – when i say that i am riddled with a blessed unrest.  we designers, as a subspecies, are rarely satisfied, always finding fault in ourselves and in our work, always knowing that this-and-that could have – should have – been far better than it is.

this trait is compounded by ‘m.v.p.’ – because i know what our maximally vivacious product looks like, a little part of me squeals and writhes (not in a good way) when i look our recent, bare-bones-beta launch.

don’t get me wrong – i think what we’ve put together is delicious and badass, but what you see on is the tip of the ever-lovin’ iceberg.

Once we’ve secured some much needed funding, you’ll be able to do things like:

  • filter & find (which will be helpful once we have more than 13 videos to frolic through – get contributing, people!)
  • express your appreciation for a video (you betcha!)
  • earn social capital (in a most delectable way)
  • explore new content via other members and #makelovenotpornstars
  • see your tastes & turn-ons in a way that you might not have not considered before
  • plus, see a host of other bits-n-bobs, nits-n-picks, and spit-n-polishing.

in the meantime, enjoy, keep the feedback coming, and, if you are so moved, give a shout out to the rest of the guys on the design team, each of whom is so fearsomely talented that my flabber has been routinely and well-and-truly gasted.


3 Responses to “Designers’ lament”

  1. Edward Sellers

    I wonder if a view of sex in love will give me a voyeuristic tendency, and if so, would I feel any different guilt, shame and fear than I do being a porn addict?


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