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Insextor Gadget

Updated for awesomeness April 24, 2015.

They say the biggest sex organ is between your ears, so if you’re planning on submitting a #realworldsex video to, why not try stimulating your brain as well as your body by getting your geek on and experimenting with some cool and clever camera gadgets.

Not only will these toys improve the technical quality of your video, but they’ll also make it easier for you to let the sexy times roll without worrying that instead of capturing some seriously epic #realworldsex you’ve just shot a 20 min video of the wall above your head.

One tool that actually seems made for all the moving and shaking that goes on during #realworldsex is The iphone Swivl. Heralded as “Your own personal camera crew, “ the Swivl has a sensor that follows your movements so that you always get the perfect shot even if your erotic adventures take you across the room and back.

Update: The above link shows the brand new Swivl, which at $395.00 USD on Amazon might be a bit pricey for those just getting into filming their #realworldsex. (Although for seasoned MLNPstars, it seems like a great way to treat yourself with your MLNP earnings!). The older Swivl is still on the market, and after a minute or so of looking I was able to find a couple of used ones on ebay for a fraction of the price. Built with the iphone 4 and 4s in mind, you’ll just need to add in an adaptor to make it work on your next gen iphone or Android. Guys, I want one!

Another neat little helper is the iphone boom mic, which is, well, exactly what it sounds like and perfect for giving the moans, groans, giggles and pillow talk in your #realworldsex videos some extra oomf.

Lighting. Lighting. Lighting. I know from experience that without a little care and attention paid to this basic of shooting 101, a totally enthralling-in-the-moment session can come across as less than stellar when you’re watching a dark video where you can’t make out the difference between you and your voyeuristic cat. Shooting in the morning is a great way to avoid this, but we all know that plenty of #realworldsex occurs after dark. For cases such as these, why not try out a cheap portable lighting kit.

Once you’ve got your sound, lighting and camera placement figured out, it just might be time to look into making the focus in your #realworldsex video as sharp as it can be. There are numerous lenses out there that you simply attach to your phone. Some of the ones I’ve been eying are the iphone telephoto lens, the Dot iphone panorama lens and the Olloclip 3-in-1 iphone lens. Whether you want a wide shot, a fish-eye perspective or super zoom, these babies should have you covered.

Finally, if you’re turned off by the cost of some of these gadgets, there are more than a few DIY solutions for making sure your camera phone is at least steady enough to withstand the vibrations coming from a banging headboard. My personal favorite, the DIY iphone binder clip dock is sturdy and comes at the cost of a beer. You can also check out  these other DIY docks for your phone courtesy of lifehacker.

Whichever gadgets you choose, playing around with some inexpensive tech toys while getting it on is sure to help you create a video that will have our users saying, Yes!Yes!Yes!

Are there any gadgets you’ve tried that you’d recommend to other current or aspiring #makelovenotpornstars? Let me know!

Oh and P.S. – most of these here gadgets are designed with the iphone in mind but I am more than interested in knowing about other non-apple related gear that you’ve used and loved.

4 Responses to “Insextor Gadget”

  1. R

    Nice job!
    Any tips on the use of lighting beyond buying a lighting kit? Audio is another area that needs attention. Yah, it’s just moanin and groanin but if there is than that, needs to be heard well.

    • madamcurator

      Thank you, R! One of the things I recommend for lighting is to have #realworldsex in the early morning or afternoon in a sunny room 😉 Natural light can be the best light of all!

  2. R

    I rescind my last comment. There are a lot of good tips. I just had not cliicked around enough. Not to mention I have been awake a long time and have a case of “fizzivision” as my son says.


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