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Happy Hump Day! MakeCoupledLoveNotPorn

#RealWorldSex is all about #realworldpeople living, loving and getting busy in a way that is undeniably human – that is, spontaneous, surprising, honest, comfortable and hot. As part of this week’s Hump Day Edition: MakeCoupledLoveNotPorn, we’re casting the spotlight on our sexy as hell creators, IonSquares. A couple who, through years of filming and frolicking, have captured their dynamic and saucy #realworldsex in a collection of seven videos – each with their own titillating, narrated preview –  that show just how satisfying #longtermsex can be.

In their own words:

“ is exactly why we started filming ourselves and posting online. People need to be reminded what making love is all about. For us, it’s about honesty. If you can’t be honest about what you want with the one you love, then your relationship sucks. We enjoy making love, not porn. However, sometimes we enjoy making porn, not love. Neither of us ever got what we wanted from past partners. We never felt confident enough to ask. Sex should be fun, not a chore or a score. I hope more people get into this site and see how real people make real love.”

Ionsquares, you are our heroes! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Now, without further ado, please rent, enjoy, share and talk about IonSquares’ #realworldsex videos and continue to #makelovenotporn! We hope this Hump Day Edition filled with KinkyTenderTrustingSpankingSucculentLoveNotPorn will inspire more than a few of you to share some #realworldsex videos of your own!

xo Sarah

Feeling inspired? Get filming! Here are some tips and some gadgets I’ve put together to help you along your way. We can’t wait to see the way YOU makelovenotporn. And remember, you’re helping the global economy!

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