Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Happy MakeImpassionedLoveNotPorn Hump Day!

Hold onto your hats, present and future MakeLoveNotPornStars, ‘cause this week’s Hump Day Edition is gonna be a doozy!

Hump Day Editon 1.4: MakeImpassionedLoveNotPorn features four new #realworldsex videos brimming with delicious after-work encounters, spontaneous on-the-floor adventures and some seriously tender, teasing and tasty household romps.

Whether you like a little bit of power play, are enchanted by bits and pieces or just simply want to see some soul stirring #realworldorgasms, you’ll be sure to find your own little slice of heaven amongst this week’s offerings.

Our deliriously hawt new #makelovenotpornstars, havingfun, sum it up thusly:

“The experience was so hot, we didn’t even manage to get all our clothes off!”

Oh, and they also added this: “editing the film and seeing our bodies moving together led to even better sex!”

YES! YES! YES! So thrilled to hear that, havingfun! We LOVE it when #realworldsex on translates into infinitely hotter sex in the real world. Hurray!

As for the rest of you, letting loose, getting down and dirty and giving in to pleasure are this week’s themes, so drop what you’re doing and dig in!

xo Sarah

Oh, and maybe submit something of your own? Here are a few tips and gadgets as well as more info from’s ‘How This Works’ section.

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