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A Hump Day dedicating to real world pornstars who MakeLoveNotPorn

Lily LaBeau

YES!YES!YES! Another Hump Day Edition at last!

For those of you that have been paying close attention, you’ve probably noticed that over the last couple of weeks we haven’t had any brand new #realworldsex videos for you to devour. That bummed out feeling you got when you realized this? Well, that’s totally mutual.

It can be especially frustrating for me, your Madam Curator, for a number of reasons:

Often, we have had some wickedly spicy new #realworldsex videos submitted, but there were a few hiccups when it came to obtaining and uploading the visual ID forms we require. We are rigorous about ensuring that the process for every submission is fully legal, and so we are left to wait to get the full set of IDs from our new #makelovenotpornstars before we can publish and release. Sad face.

Also, sometimes we receive submissions which are not what we are looking for in terms of #realworldsex and which we therefore can’t accept. We’re pretty open, folks. Just remember to keep your videos Consensual, Cliche-free and of course real and not performative. Shooting a kickass intro video that contextualizes your sexy times doesn’t hurt either, because – hey – we want to know you’re enjoying yourself.

Finally, because we’re in closed beta at the moment, the flow of #realworldsex submissions isn’t quite the monsoon we’d like it to be (we do publicize the fact that anybody ready to submit videos gets fast-tracked into beta!). We are working at the moment to build out all our social features and fix all glitches so that we can open up publicly in the near future and make it accessible to everyone, including, we hope, lots of new #makelovenotpornstars.

Phew! So there’s my spiel. In the meantime, relax, rejoice and rent as many videos as you desire from Hump Day Edition 1.5 : Real World PornStars Have RealWorldSex. Featuring one new video apiece from LilyandDanny and LilyCade, as well as four previously published insta-classics, I ensure you’ll get lost in all the #realworldpassion these #realworldpornstars deliver (and on their off-time, too!).

Tender explorations? Business suits and rope? Fits of giggles that give way to moans and shakes? These are just a few of the things to be found when pornstars share their #realworldsex!

And, don’t forget, we’re dying for you to share some #realworldsex of your own, because real world sex is the best sex there is. Period.

Here are a few tips and gadgets  to guide you through your debut, as well as more about what we’re looking for in our ‘How This Works’ section.


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