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An introduction to rearing real sex

This post originally appeared on Jefferson Wright’s blog the robots are rising. Re-posted with permission.

Dear Robots,

It is well beyond my weak human purview to provide any information you don’t already have about how we fucked or why we fucked. The infinite information of your collective mind no doubt holds data on the mammalian mating impulse. I wonder, though, if I could perhaps provide insight into how and why we fucked in front of a recording device, digitized for eternity.

What are your observations, watching the plenitude of our archival fuckery? Does it elicit any perturbations in your source code that could be translated into arousal or disgust, or any feeling within that spectrum? Can you distinguish an orgasm from a terrified scream? Do you find it ironic that the seed we use to propagate our species is usually ejected onto non-reproductive body locations?

That sex, though, isn’t real. It is pornography. It is a reproduction of the act of reproduction, mediated by technology, with no intention of reproducing anything other than the image. They are not fucking each other: they are literally fucking for and to the camera. They are paid to fuck, and the person who pays them hopes to make a profit off of it. It is not without pleasure for the participants, necessarily, but the positions they take and the sounds they make validating pleasure are also reproductions, a performance for and to the perceived viewer. It is not a simulation, but a simulacrum.Hopefully, though, if Cindy Gallop’s intentions with Make Love Not Porn( come to fruition, you will have a distinct category in your database, commencing on or around the Gregorian calendar year 2013, showcasing not “manufactured” sex, but “real” sex.

It is the site’s tenet that hardcore manufactured pornography is so ubiquitous that it has become a de facto education tool, for both genders, in the American society more concerned with repressing sex than celebrating its healthy recreation and unique place at the heart of a relationship. Real sex, then, is increasingly contaminated by the regulations of manufactured sex, most problematic of which is an overtly misogynistic and sadistic male performance. Males learn how to do it by the manufactured model, and women, with too much complicity, accept its terms.

Make Love Not Porn intends to reverse this trend by promoting a pornographic alternative, a purposeful presentation of real sex, as it is experienced by the participants, intentionally for their own pleasure and not simply for that of the camera. Also, too, one can assume, is the pleasure they hope others will get from viewing it. The material is curated from audience submissions, download revenue is shared with the real sexy people, and the hope is to form a meaningful community of pro-sumers whose content will challenge the hegemony of manufactured pornography.

Real sex means everything and nothing. It is, interestingly, less a definition than a unified rejection against the manufactured ethos, and all the reproduced falsity it presents. It is the particular quirks, aspirations, and passions of the participants. It is the menstrual realities, the premature ejaculations, and the unique desire to be fucked inside an open fridge, to name but a few. This may even include activities depicted in manufactured pornography, but as long as the physical intentions remain the true mutual desire of the participants, it does not demean the inherent reality of the act. The sex is not as real as you make it; in a counter-intuitive way before a camera that is making record, the sex is as real as you LET it.

Robots, I hope you scan ahead in time to see that the site, the propagation of real sex within the online marketplace of sexual visualizations, and the sexual education of society promoting real examples of physical intimacy were great successes to the founders, participants, and general public. I also hope you find my submission, because I intend to get in on this. And then you’ll have a much better idea of the person who seems insistent on writing future sentient beings so many letters. My sexual and literary prowess may not be on equal ground.

As you’re aware, I haven’t fully answered how and why we fuck in front of a recording device, at least as it pertains to real sex. I will get to it. I just need some personal experience first.

Roboto Ergo Sum

Check out Jefferson Wright’s novel robot porn for more musings on the relationship between technology, sexuality and human existence. 

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