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How to get comfortable with the camera

spoiler: this is not the way to do it.

One of the number one tips I give people when they ask how to film their #realworldsex? Don’t perform for the camera!

Of course, having the sex you have in your everyday life in front of a camera doesn’t always come naturally at first. Even if it’s just an iphone on your dresser, it can take time for you to get comfortable enough to let the sexy times roll without embellishing a little.

In this video, I talk to UX Goddess, Oonie Chase, about the benefits of filming over time and some insights that have come out of discussions with our makelovenotpornstars.

In this video, I mention my ‘horrible’ filming experiments. Horrible, because in one I forgot to turn the camera on and in the other the room was so dark you couldn’t see anything. Trial and error, people! The sex in both instances was awesome. Also, the ‘pros’ I refer to at the beginning of the video are folks who have some experience filming themselves having #realworldsex. In this context, being a ‘pro’ has nothing to do with fancy camera work or being a pornstar.




You can learn more about what I’m looking for when reviewing #realworldsex submissions here and here. Oonie shares her thoughts on the camera here.

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