Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Happy Hump Day! Enjoy some tasty MakeSoloLoveNotPorn

Well, well, well, everyone – Happy Hump Day! Have I got a delicious new edition for you! Seriously, I am having trouble typing I’m so excited.

Why you ask?  Well, because this week our MakeLoveNotPornStars are bringing you some incredibly spicy MakeSoloLoveNotPorn!

Now you know here at we love #realworldsex in pretty much every form it can take, and one of the reasons why this site even exists is to allow you out there in the #realworld to share and be proud of the multiple ways you get it on and get off.

And, as you know, having #realworldsex can be a great way to connect with another human being (or beings) as well a way to get cozy with oneself.

The #realworldsex with have with ourselves is usually the first #realworldsex we ever experience and even after we start having partners, it remains one of the safest and fun ways to explore fantasies and experience pleasure.

Getting ourselves off can be a way of celebrating the amazing sensations we can get from our bodies and the knowledge we acquire comes in handy (heh) when teaching our partners how to please us.

A lot of people have come to me since the launch of and said that while they’d LOVE to share a #realworldsex video, they can’t because they don’t have a partner. And my response is always “SoloSex is #realworldsex!” I mean, come on, how hot is it to witness a person sharing such an intimate and honest testament to #realworldsexualpleasure?

As Rye of Violet + Rye says, “Sometimes you just want to settle in for a little time with the person who knows all your secret buttons — yourself.”

This sentiment is echoed by all of our videos this week. Audio Smut’s three aurally pleasing offerrings explore three unique #realworldsolosex experiences. Have you ever gotten yourself off in a coffee shop bathroom or received a sexy toy in the mail from your long-distance lover designed to push your sexual boundaries? What about slowly coaxing yourself to orgasm while thinking about mythical creatures?

Are you yet to witness xxxotter’s mind-blowing secret talents? Think now you might need to do some experimenting of your own?

Have you been mesmerized by Rye’s slender, masculine body and Brooklyn aesthetic and hoping to see him skillfully work his own kit?

Well, what are you waiting for? Lower the lights, close the blinds and spend a little quality me-time with Hump Day Edition 2.2: MakeSoloLoveNotPorn.



P.S. The lovely ladies of Audio Smut have just released a new website and you can sign up to get the podcast here. Also, as a little bonus, here’s one of them talking about their thing for having #realworldsolosex in coffee shop bathrooms!

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