Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

MakeSkillfulLoveNotPorn on this very happy Hump Day!

wakey wakey!

Dearest current and future MakeLoveNotPornStars,

Today’s Hump Day Edition: MakeSkillfulLoveNotPorn is brought to you by practice, practice, practice!

What could be more fun than practicing #realworldsex?

The MakeLoveNotPornStars featured this week show a level of skill in pursuing pleasure and #realworldorgasms that can only come from experience! (And, great communication, of course).

Making their debut this week are two new MakeLoveNotPornStars:

  • Bilikesscifi –  An engaged couple whose kitchen shenanigans and tender foot-play will leave you with wobbly legs.
  • Brizzleee – A boyfriend/girlfriend duo who know how to heat each other up with deep kisses and plenty of teasing.

For even more of a taste of what to expect from Bilikesscifi, check out this little peek:

Who said linoleum can’t be sexy?


Did you think gloria would let bz leave for a trip without giving him a little something to remember her by? Do you love quietly pushing your boundaries late at night in country inns like Nebbish+Goddess?

In addition to all the deliciousness above, returning to give you even more of their sumptuous #realworldsex are bzandgloria and Nebbish+Goddess, two of our MakeLoveNotPornStar couples who have been with us since the very beginning!

With seven new #realworldsex videos to devour from this week, you’d better get going if you want to find out!



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