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Changes of heart: #realworldsex and #realworldrelationships

Here at we talk a lot about how much we love the messy, hot and complex nature of #realworldsex. So often, some of the most compelling and memorable aspects of our sexual encounters in the #realworld are left underrepresented by the kinds of sexual images available online, and while this helps things appear more polished and glossy, it also serves to distance us from relating these images to our own experiences.

Having people see themselves in the #realworldsex videos so generously provided by our MakeLoveNotPornstars is one of the #realworld results we value tremendously, and therefore one of the reasons we hold contextualized #realworldsex in such high esteem. Whether it be in the context of a one night encounter or a romantic bond that last years and years, #realworldsex is the result of #realworldrelationships.

And, of course, through experience, we know that #realworldrelationships change.

We hope our valued members will sympathize with the fact that changes in our MakeLoveNotPornstar relationships also, inevitably, mean changes in the availability of their #realworldsex videos.

We’re sorry to report that MakeLoveNotPornstars Ionsquares have ended their relationship, and have asked us to remove their videos from our site.

These things happen, and we are sad to hear this but of course happy to comply. We have of course credited all our members who have active ionsquares rentals, so that they can substitute another video or videos instead.

Please know that when you contribute videos to, any time your circumstances change or you change your mind – because that’s the way life goes –  we’re happy to remove them.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank ionsquares for sharing their #realworldsex with the community. Many of you have personally written to tell us how much you’ve enjoyed their videos and it was no doubt their PassionateDomesticKinkyCaringGenerousLoveNotPorn and its relatability in the #realworld that helped garner so much of your praise.

In the meantime, please do continue to enjoy our other videos (and to keep submitting your own #realworldsex!) and we’ll be delivering a new HumpDay edition next week.


Sarah and The Team

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