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Happy Hump Day! Valentine’s Day Edition


As a newly married person whose daily work involves celebrating love and sex in the #realworld, I have been thinking a lot about the nature of love and how it is expressed. What does love look like? What does love feel like? And, of course, how can we go about expressing our love for others in a way that nurtures and inspires?

If you’ve left your house at any point since Christmas, you’ve probably come into contact with more than your fair share of Valentine’s Day displays. I’ve seen so many this year, I realized the other day that I was subconsciously thinking it was already over! It can be awfully hard sometimes to express what’s in our heart – let alone what we want in bed – but you wouldn’t know it from all the roses, heart-shaped confetti and glittering candy wrappers flying around.

Generally speaking, whether I’ve been single or not, I’ve always tried to maintain a safe distance from both the commercial aspects of this holiday as well as the pessimistic sentiments of those who hate said commercialism so much they end up vilifying expressions of love all together.

The truth is, when we place all our heartfelt expectations on one particular day and expect it/our partner(s) to meet all our dreams of ideal love, odds are they’re going to fall flat. In fact, I always seem to have an amazing date in the days leading up to V-day, causing whatever plans I end up having to feel somewhat forced.

My thinking here is that instead of getting frustrated trying to make #realworldlove fit into the narrow confines of one day, why not embrace the unpredictable ways #realworldlove manifests itself in the #realworld everyday?

And, if you’re curious about what #realworldromanticlove and the #realworldsex that accompanies it looks like in the #realworld, then look no further because this week’s Hump Day Edition: MakeValentinesLoveNotPorn has it in spades!

Whenever Cindy explains to somebody for the first time, she always mentions how we are a social experiment. We’re putting the call out for #realworldsex and we haven’t the faintest idea what will come back. Similarly, whenever I’m talking about I like to say is based on the principle of “Why should we be the ones to say what #realworldsex is? You show us!”

The #realworldsex videos you see on may not always be or look like what you expect. Simply put, because #realworldsex is so rarely available online, we don’t actually know what it looks like outside the realm of our own direct experience! community member Trevor put it like this:

“When I watch videos on, I feel I’ve never seen people having sex before.”

Not knowing quite what we’re going to get is one of the joys of receiving new #realworldsex videos – they can be short or long, quiet or loud, shot with nice DSLRs or an old web cam – but regardless of these variables they all reveal #realworldsex and #realworldlove the way they really exist.

Joining our journey on the path to discovering #realworldsex this week are three new MakeLoveNotPornStars, for a total of four new #realworldsex videos!

  • Subtle Cravings – A couple who recently started a blog documenting their #realworldsex and marital musings share a surrealist oral exploration.  Here is a little taste:
  • EllaBella – A lady with a beautiful smile who – captivated by faces at the moment of orgasm – gets herself off in no time in order to share hers.
  • ezdoesit – A lady who knows how to get down with herself in a way that is sensual yet precise.

Whatever your pleasure, I’m sure you’ll find some a lil’  sumthin’ sumthin’ to love in this week’s edition! And, maybe you’ll even love it so much that you’ll want to wrap it up in a valentine and gift it to someone special!

Yep, that’s right, now offers you the option of treating your sweetie to the gift of #realworldsex! What better way to say be mine?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we want YOU to show us what #realworldsex looks like! Not only can it be an amazing experience, it can also earn you #realworldcash!

Feel free to hit me up at if you have any questions about submitting after reading this post.



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