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Happy Hump Day! MakeJustTheWayYouLikeItLoveNotPorn

It is that happiest of all week days and I am thrilled to report that since our last edition, I have received a veritable deluge of #realworldsex submissions.

And what a variety! Whether featuring boyfriends and girlfriends, married couples, those younger or older, solo or together, American, British or Italian, this week’s ten videos all have one thing in common – it’s #realworldsex exactly the way our makelovenotpornstars want it to be!

Here’s a little taste of what to expect from the hot, sticky bundle of love I’ve put together for your enjoyment:

Five new #realworldsex videos from four brand new MakeLoveNotPornStars

  • Redfox – A British couple who still yearn for each other after 16 years of marriage share their private home videos for the first time.
  • Magic Lovers – An Italian couple who love their sex life together so much, they could hardly wait to show you the intensely passionate way they get each other off.
  • booty – A husband who is so completely mesmerized by his wife and a wife whose quiet orgasms and serene expressions are both gentle and surprising.
  • MrandMrsLau – A couple who captured their sexy time ferryboat memories and offer a little taste of more to come.

Five MakeLoveNotPornstars returning for more with all new videos

  • Brizzleee – Showing us how fun and tender it can be to give pleasure to your partner.
  • SubtleCravings – Overcoming life’s distractions and finally connecting after the kids have gone to bed.
  • Nebbish+Goddess – Sharing multi-orgasmic married sex that is sweet, lighthearted and communicative.
  • ezdoesit – Feels fresh mountain air tickle her body in an al fresco escapade.
  • EllaBella – Sends herself over the top at her partner’s request.

Thinking about submitting your #realworldsex to Wonderful!

Don’t forget to do an intro video as well as your main video – main videos that are contextualized in an intro video are rented at a much higher rate than those that are not.

Make sure it’s contextualized – by which we mean, we’d love a sense of you and your lives – start the camera running as early as possible and show us your home, your bed, wherever you’re making love, your lead-in, your run-up, your advances, your foreplay..and leave the camera running as long as possible. Don’t race to switch it off the moment you come!  Show us the aftermath – the cuddles, the gasps, the mopping up the wet patch, the gradually coming back to earth, what you say afterwards….remember we’re all about showing what really happens in the #realworld. It might not be like anything you’ve see before but that’s why we love it!

Want to talk about #realworldsex? Join the conversation on twitter by following @MadamCuratorXO @makelovenotporn @CindyGallop @ooonie and @coreyti #realworldsex #makelovenotporn.

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