Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

“Toasting Success With Cindy Gallop, Champion of ‘Real’ Sex” / Mashable

Written by Lauren Drell for Mashable.  Originally published on March 14, 2013


“Few startups are more brazen, and few entrepreneurs are more irreverent thanCindy Gallop, perhaps most known for her brief yet epic 2009 TED talk.

Gallop, a former BBH branding exec who dates men in their 20s found that too many of these paramours wanted to do with her the things they saw in porn. But porn sex is not real world sex, and studies show the average person first encounters porn when they’re an impressionable 8 years old (not a typo). By the time these individuals reach adulthood, there’s a deep-seated misconception that porn is, indeed, the way sex is done.”

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