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10 #realworldsex videos that make Madam Curator all tingly

For this week’s edition, I thought that I would answer a question that more than a few of you have asked me:  What #realworldsex videos on are in my personal heavy rotation playlist?  And so, without further ado, and in no particular order…

bzandgloria’s scrumptious bon voyage send-off 

These two just think the other is the bee’s knees. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself while watching videos on it’s that I care even more about mutual lust between my couples than I do about what they do together. Luckily, this video is all kinds of awesome so I don’t have to choose.


xxxotter & his magic nipples

Full disclosure, I am not the biggest ogler of boy bodies in #reallife but I was super turned on and captivated when I watched this video of xxxotter getting himself off by doing nothing except touching his nipples.


Brizzleee’s heartfelt hotness

The way Brittany looks at Joe in their #realworldsex videos gets me every time.  The way they care about each other just so apparent. It’s saucy and sweet all at the same time.


Lily+Danny‘s backdoor lovin’

The #realworldsex in this video of real-life pornstar couple Lily Labeau and Danny Wylde is some of the most loving and tender anal sex I have ever witnessed. The communication and connection between them is so sexy – it makes me feel warm and fuzzy and turned on all at the same time.


EllaBella’s morning me-time

Seeing a woman like Ella Bella own her sexual pleasure they way she does in this video is crazy hot. Just the sound of her voice is enough to get me in the mood.


Violet+Rye’s Snow day sexy times

This is my top violet+rye video because of the talking. Rye comes a little quickly and violet gets herself off while teasing him. So. Hot.


Booty’s quiet lust

There is just something so amazing about the way this lovely couple share a quiet but ultimately explosive experience. Nothing is sexier than watching a wife relaxing and doing her thing while her husbad goes ga-ga over her.


LilyCade and Annabelle Lee’s giggly orgasm-extravaganza

Annabelle Lee is so adorable and she wants Lily Cade so badly in this video – she’s just so happy to there having sex with her friend, laughing and chatting – I love it.


Redfox’s lusty love letter 

We all know RedFox are amazing together. But, this video of the husband half of that duo talking to and thinking about his wife while he teases himself to orgasm is just delicious.


Bilikesscifi’s kitchen gush-fest

This video is a great testament to #realworldsex that includes clean-up, pillow talk and an amazing soundtrack of mutual pleasure.


Happy Humping, y’all!

Do you have list of your own top #realworldsex videos you’d like to share with the community? Let us know in the comments!

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