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“39 Unforgettable Moments in Tech Startup History” / Mashable

Written by Lauren Drell for Mashable.  Originally published on April 11, 2013


“Ask any startup founder for advice, and he or she will probably tell you that it’s important to celebrate the milestones large and small. Startup life is a rollercoaster, and if you get caught up in the madness, you might quickly burn out. The little things matter, and they keep you going — when your app launches, when you have a successful investor meeting, when you finally have a customer who isn’t a relative, when you get acquired. These are little steps on the road to success, and it’s important to take a deep breath, look back on how far you’ve come (even if it’s not that far) and embrace a special moment with your team, perhaps over a cocktail or a team dinner.

Below, we’ve compiled some epic startup moments (in no particular order) that called for some serious celebration in recent years. How does your company celebrate milestones? Tell us in the comments.”

Read the rest at

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