Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Happy Hump Day! MakePlayfulLoveNotPorn!

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am with the #realworldsex videos I’ll be sharing with you today. As you learned last week, I can’t always accept all the videos I receive and that makes for a very heartbroken Madam Curator. It may sound like I’m being dramatic, but because I know how much bravery and generosity is involved in sharing something so intimate as one’s #realworldsex, I hate having to reject something that I know is real but isn’t framed in quite the right way. Maybe because it’s hanging on to some unintended pornworld cliches. Total suckitude.

This week I have been an elated and giddy Madam Curator. I chat my husband practically non-stop to say things like, “I LOVE Lily Cade!” and “Violet+Rye are AMAZING” and “JamesAndJill are ADORABLE” and “eaheartxo has THE BEST orgasm face” and so on. Because I can’t yet share with the community how touched and turned on and just straight-up floored I am by all the yumminess coming my way on a daily basis, he (and well, let’s face it, my cat) get the first taste. And now, you’re getting it, only with (hopefully) much more creative and original adjectives thrown in the mix.


The first sign that Hump Day Edition 2.8: MakePlayfulLoveNotPorn was going to be a winner was receiving a brand new #realworldsex video from violet+rye. I’m sure you know them by now, both from and from their blog Uncommon Appetites, but I don’t think you’ve ever seen them like this. These two Brooklyn lovebirds go beyond the call of duty this week to bring you their most raw and relaxed video yet. I dare you not to fall in love with them all over again the way I did.


The second inkling of the #boomness to come was discovering not one, but two new #realworldsex videos from real-life pornstar and MakeLoveNotPornStar Lily Cade waiting for me in my sexy little inbox, along with another video she shot with her friend and retired pornstar Kara Price. Whaaaa?! Guys, OMG. Just OMG. It absolutely tickles me to the core how supportive Lily Cade has been of from the very beginning and now she’s back with reinforcements. You are in for several. serious. treats.


So here I was, flying high, basically preventing hubby from getting any work done at all with my constant over-the-top chats when JamesAndJill popped up and said, “Oh hey, would you like some awesome? How about we share it in the form of two #realworldsex videos which show our giggly, fun, multi-orgasmic sex life, mmmkay?” And I was all, “Yes, please!” and now they are joining the ranks of our illustrious MakeLoveNotPornStars and I couldn’t be happier.



The always sensual and creative RedFox decided to come along for the ride and EAHeartXo and her lover @Perversonality0  shared a delicious nugget of mind-blowing eroticism.


The EAHeartXo and @Perversonality0’s #realworldsex video is something I have been holding onto for a while. Not because I didn’t want to share, but because eaheartxo had promised me a little free peek for all of you. I patiently waited and now I know it was worth it ‘cause you are just going to melt when you see what a sexually empowered bombshell she is.

Are you still there? If so, please proceed immediately to and indulge yourself in the #realworldhotness that is Hump Day Edition 2.8 : MakePlayfulLoveNotPorn.




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