Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

A conversation with Madam Curator of / Unbound

Written by Sarah Jayne for Unbound.  

“We were lucky enough to chat with Sarah about her duties at It’s not every day you get to speak with someone with this job title. A little about her background: Sarah’s career highlights are a veritable slam dunk for anyone poised to reinvent the way we consume sex online. She’s written screenplays for porn movies, edited a sex positive smut zine, Lickety Split, and even performed in a zombie-themed burlesque troupe, The Dead Doll Dancers (complete with blood and guts). (Read: she’s definitely way cooler than me and maybe cooler than you.)

We chatted about what she calls the “porn hangover”—that unfortunate feeling of “ugh” that follows a fruitless attempt to enjoy dissatisfying porn—a feeling that probably isn’t just exclusive to women. I even admitted to using post-it notes to cover unfavorable advertising and watching on mute at times. (Oh, the things we do in college when we simply don’t know any better)”

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