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Bloody Lovely MusicToMakeLoveNotPornTo (so, what’s your #realworldsex soundtrack?)

A week ago, out of the blue, Bloody Lovely Audrey sent me this music video:

Bloody Lovely Audrey – Heat from Bloody Lovely Audrey on Vimeo.

 I loved it – because I hate the inauthentic portrayal of sex that we see all the time in films, television, music videos. I also loved it because we conceived to be many things, including an alternative sales and distribution channel for musicians, offering a platform nobody else does: music to MakeLoveNotPorn to. Everybody has their sex soundtracks, but music never gets sold that way. Equally, sex and music go together like a horse and carriage 🙂 – we are where you can showcase the sexuality of music and musicians in a way no one else will let you.

We asked Sebastian Guajardo, Bloody Lovely Audrey drummer and film-maker, to share the story of the making of the ‘Heat’ video.

Around October last year I was watching a live show in Sydney when an idea crept into my head: ‘how great would it be if everyone just started fucking like animals? Like, crazy, fucked up, sexy animals!’

Now, I blame the band that night for playing the sublimely sexy set that was responsible for the corruption of my otherwise innocent mind, but I’m also grateful to them, as this secret fantasy gave me the idea for this hectic music video.

Simple concept: a young couple fuck each other’s brains out while the band themselves play their ‘fuck song’ for them. It has some surreal elements to it, too: they aren’t really in the same room, but the band and the couple are feeding off the same sex energy that’s filling the air. The video had to be shot in its own way – it was very important to us that it wasn’t shot like a porno. We wanted to present sex in an honest way, without any Hollywood bullshit.

Once I got the go-ahead from the rest of the band, I started story-boarding. I wanted to make it in a way that I hadn’t seen before. The research was extensive, and we worked every avenue to get this video made, even within its small budget.

Tess Waldron, one of the two producers for the video (the other being Katie Bradley – I seriously owe my life to these ladies) made the crew watch Cindy Gallop’s TED Talk from 2009. We used Cindy’s speech as a platform to nail down the aesthetics of the music video. We knew we wanted to make the couple in the video to be very fairly neutral (boy and girl) – even though we decided to have the girl cum at the end, and not the guy. I figured we’ve all seen enough guys ejaculating over everything; it’s about time we simply show a female cum.

The only two types of sex scenes portrayed on film are porn scenes and Hollywood sex scenes – both are as fantastical as each other. We wanted to show how a young, sexy couple fuck while listening to rock music. We took a lot from Cindy’s TED Talk, and every time we were concerned that people may misinterpret the video, or that we could be sending out the wrong messages with the imagery, we’d re-evaluate the storyboards and, once again, adjust what were doing to better sell the idea.

The production of the video was quite large in scale: we shot it with a RedEpic that we were lucky enough to get from award-winning Director of Photography Casimir Dickson who shot the entire thing for us; we had catering done; we had a full set-up with lights and dollies..we had the works. We did everything that we could to make this video as professional as possible, and I think we did well with keeping a tight budget. The video should have cost more than $20,000 but, instead, we only paid $1,400. DYI or DIE, baby!

But, the production did have its ups and downs. There was a point where I thought it all wasn’t going to happen and it brought me down…a lot. Katie, Tess and Isobel (Co-Producer) kept me in check for months leading up to the day of the shoot. Finding the talents to perform in the video was also difficult. We searched everywhere for a couple to fuck on our video – we contacted escorts, brothel owners, porn actresses… everyone we could think of!

Finally, we had Valerie and Michael audition for the video and their chemistry on camera was oozing. Once they were on board we knew we had a big responsibility with the actors We knew that we were asking a lot for this video, but we never thought of it as being smutty or dirty – and we certainly didn’t want their lives to be tainted by starring in it. We wanted them to be proud of it, so we had a responsibility to them to make the video as best as we could, to make sure the idea was solid, and to honour their trust. Thankfully, they were both very happy with the results.

The latest problem we’ve faced has been in marketing and promotion. It’s not that we didn’t have a plan, it’s that it fell apart once YouTube pulled the video down. Reddit responded well to the video, and were engaging in great discussions about what constitutes art vs. porn, but then, without warning, BAM! Our video was pulled down. I was fine with it for a while, believing that it was only a temporary problem, but after trying to appeal the ban several times, and sending YouTube numerous emails and messages stating why I believe the video has artistic merit, they still haven’t replied to us.

It’s tricky enough trying to find your audience as an independent Australian band, without also being pulled down and ignored by the second biggest search engine company in the world.

Despite this, there has been a truly amazing response to our video, and we’ve seen support cropping up from many different pockets of the world. Everyday brings a new surprise.

I’m tremendously happy with the results of the video, and I’m really proud of my small crew. The video took 6 months to make, and it was worth every second.

We just want to share this video with everyone we can, and we’d like to open a discussion and hear people’s opinions on the line between art and porn. Where does your line lie? Is it bad if that line gets blurred from time to time? Let us know what you think in the comments section on our ‘Heat’ video or comment on our ‘like’ us on Facebook where you’ll get all the latest information about the band

And, if you like what you hear our EP ‘Four Dark Eyes’ here is our BandCamp page where you can also purchase the music

We believe in MLNP’s message and we’re proud to be connected to such an amazing community. There’s more to come and the possibilities are endless


– Sebastian (Filmmaker & Drummer of Bloody Lovely Audrey)

Feeling inspired, musicians and MakeLoveNotPornstars alike? Well, check out havingfun’s wonderful #realworldsex video here, to the sound of Brighton band, The Slytones. You can listen here —  perfect MusicToMakeLoveNotPornTo!

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2 Responses to “Bloody Lovely MusicToMakeLoveNotPornTo (so, what’s your #realworldsex soundtrack?)”

  1. modestyablaze

    Wow . . . vibrant music AND vibrating visuals!! I love it !!! Another MLNP recommendation that has me tingling!!! Xxx – K

  2. Gregory Russell

    i hate getting into these sort of debates, but it really is in the eye of the beholder what art and porn is. Then there is the stupid contradictions to censorship. For example in jbhifi they sell blind faith’s self titled featuring a pubescent girl, yet they sell kvelertak’s mier album art censored with the band logo. Youtube has many contradictions like this.

    More people need to see this band live anyway. They’re basically like queens of the stone age!


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