Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Tag-a-licious recently hit a very exciting tipping point:  our opus (as it were) of #realworldsex videos has grown large enough to warrant additional browsing/searching mechanisms.  As many of you have noticed, we didn’t launch with any kind of search – a deliberate choice on our part as (a) our collection was too small and (b) we wanted some time to introduce our own language, one that was neither clinical nor ‘porny’.

To find videos that tickle your fancy:

  • At the top of our homepage, you see the title (if you will) of the current edition (i.e. makeTHIS,THAT,THEOTHERlovenotporn).  Clicking on any of the words in orange will show you all the videos described with this same word
  • Loving the contributions by a particular #makelovenotpornstar? Click their username to see all of their videos (and if you ‘d like to express your appreciation and ask them to make more videos here’s where you’ll find them on Twitter.
  • Click on a word/tag in the orange tab-like thingie that appears along the top border on any video to see other videos that are also tagged with this same word (or ‘flavor’).
  • And our latest addition:  on any video page, look beneath the video – there you will see *all* descriptor tags associated with that video, clickable for your discovering pleasure.

Over time, we will be adding in more robust search & browse mechanisms.  But for now, please enjoy exploring our collection in this new and very simple way.

As always, please do let us know what you think in the comments below, or through our feedback link, found on every page of the site – we welcome your input which is so invaluable in helping us build the best MakeLoveNotPorn experience possible.

2 Responses to “Tag-a-licious”

  1. Ed1bedward

    Very intriguing exploration of my sexual self is available here. I just signed up yesterday, and hope that exploration leads to a discovery that my addiction to sex will not be frenzied by exhibitionism. Perhaps by intellectual dialogue with likeminded individuals My lust will be satisfied, or at least the shame and fear be nullified.

    Before I go further, and find a partner who will be willing to share in making a video, I need to be assured that our “intellectual property” will not be “stolen”, and posted on the worldwide web for all whom have not “joined” mlnp, and gained the protection of a “handle” and password. How would my video be protected from such an occurance?

    • madamcurator

      Hi Ed1bedward,

      Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience. Have you checked out While they’re not associated with, you might find it helpful. In regards to the security of your #realworldsex videos on, as first measure we require everyone to create an account and rent each video before they can view it in its entirety. We also monitor our secure servers on a regular basis and receive alerts of any suspicious activity should it occur. As of today, no one has come close to “stealing” any of our content, something we take very seriously.

      I hope this helps answer your question! Before submitting, please check out the “How to” section on our blog.

      All the best,


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