Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

“Context” by Danny Wylde / Medium

Written by Danny Wylde for Boinkology 101 on Medium.  Originally published on June 10, 2013. Re-posted with permission.


“The necessary constant is that sex, like anything, requires a certain degree of learning and experimentation, and often begins with awkward strides. The challenge of youth is that there will always be more “stuff” to dig through, learn about, and digest than there was for the prior generation. I’d say it’s the responsibility of older generations to arm the youth with the tools to cope. Namely, education and context.

Are we arming the youth? Perhaps not explicitly. We’re not explicitly marketing porn to them either. But kids are interested in sex and they’re smart. They’re going to find porn because it’s there. My hope is that they’ll find the context too.”

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