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I’m celebrating my 29th wedding anniversary by sharing #realworldsex on / Modesty Ablaze

Written by Modesty Ablaze

Hubby and I have been together for over 31 years. In fact, in some sort of wonderful coincidence, karma, or fate – not-to-mention a cause for happy celebration – our first video for actually goes live on our 29th Wedding Anniversary !!!

So you can imagine the smiles, giggles and “special cuddles” that we will be sharing on Wednesday when people ask “anything special planned for your anniversary?” !!!

Every one of those 31 years has been wonderfully loving and fun and better than the last. Each year we seem to love more, talk more and grow together more . . . and share more and more of our fantasies and desires. Realising and experiencing those desires – slowly at first, but growing in fun and intensity as we travelled on our journey – has made our relationship more stronger and fulfilling than we could ever have imagined.

Finding other like-minded people, couples and single young men – at a local swinging club, and later online – has just made us feel even more that feeling great about oneself sexually, and sharing those emotions can make one feel better about themselves.

It has made us both better people AND made us feel like wanting to shout out loud that everyone should be able to feel and share similar emotions and wonderful times.

Over the past two years I have tried to explain my feelings on that very subject on my blog. On hearing about, I simply loved the idea that there was another medium for me to explain and “show” people that even for people of our age, it IS truly possible for sex to get even better and even more fun AND for us all to feel great about ourselves.

This first video is just of Hubby and I playing with several of my toys . . . but we hope that if enough people enjoy it we will soon be able to post several more. One of my lovers has told us he’s as excited about the ethos of as we are, and has agreed to join us in some more varied, and exciting fun.
So you never know . . . you may find a 3-some in our next upload.

Read more about Modesty Ablaze's foursome on her blog.

Read more about Modesty Ablaze’s foursome on her blog.

Follow Modesty Ablaze on twitter and watch her videos here.

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