What a devilishly wonderful picture Cindy !!! And a wonderful collection of recommendations that will have me exploring more!!!
But I also wanted to reiterate how refreshing, and inspiring, it has been to discover the likes of Violet + Rye, BZ & Gloria, Lily Cade etc here. Refreshing because (perhaps I’m old fashioned) but I haven’t really watched and enjoyed erotic videos since the days of Nina Hartley and Jeannie Pepper. Those videos somehow seemed at least fun and more real (and therefore more arousing), than all the plastic and staged deluge of videos since then. But you and #realworldsex, and the likes of your stars mentioned above, changed all that. Suddenly I realised that the “home-movies” Hubby and I had been making (and with some of my willing lovers) could perhaps be as arousing and enjoyable to other people, as they were to us. The giggling and fumbling, the just kissing and cuddling . . . suddenly I realised we weren’t alone.
You, and your contributors, have been an inspiration and given us much joy and warmth and tingles.
Thank you, thank you . . . AND huge love to you all !!!
Xxx – Katie (aka Modesty Ablaze)