Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

It is a wonderful thing to share our #realworldsex on / MLNPstars ALEX-ANNA


As they are quickly becoming prolific MLNPstars, I asked ALEX-ANNA to share a little something about their relationship and why they decided to share their #realworldsex on They did not disappoint!

Hi Sarah,

It has been such a wonderful thing to be included and associated with!

We are both expressive, and has allowed us to share that with the world through our intimate and fun moments.

We also see sex as something other than porn. It is a chemistry, a bond between two people who care about each other, trust each other, give and take, and respect each other. is refreshing as it endorses the art of making love.

We are both divorced with kids, having to juggle daily life with plenty of other demands, yet we find time in the bedroom to refresh ourselves, and have fun. We have both had plenty of experiences with others, but life with each other and our sexual approach is as unique as MLNP is to the world. We are excited to play a part in your revolutionary philosophy and hope others can begin to see sex the way we do. Thank you again for what you are doing, and allowing us to be part of your success.

Interested in sharing why your love Tweet me, leave us a message in the comments or email

You can read more from our MLNPstars and members in our #realworldinbox.

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