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Happy iPad/iPhone Delicious At Last Day!

We are absolutely over the moon to announce that the day has finally arrived where you can view and rent #realworldsex on your iPad and iPhone!

We are incredibly grateful to our entire community for patiently waiting while our hard working and brilliant CTO, Corey Innis, tackled and triumphed over this intricate and intimidating task. (All by himself, we might add!).

Being able to view and rent on your iPad opens up a whole new range of sexy possibilities both for viewing and filming #realworldsex. What better way to share the experience of watching #realworldsex than by cuddling up under the covers and pulling your screen and/or lover in close?

Filming your #realworldsex also becomes a cinch when the device you can’t live without doubles as your camera! Whether you’re sneaking away to a bar or airplane bathroom for a little impromptu lovin’ or propping your screen up on the dresser to capture a steamy weekend getaway, your charm, skills, and yes, body parts, won’t be the only things you’ll find easy to whip out!

Celebrate this major moment in our life-cycle by watching these 10 specially selected #realworldsex videos that are sure to look all the more delicious when enjoyed on your iPad!

MakeiPadLoveNotPorn with:


1. Violet+Rye


In this video, married 20-something Brooklynites, violet+rye, spend a sunny afternoon post-farmers market eating each other up like they might a couple of juicy seasonal-berry samples. Drenched in light and full of sweet giggles and soft expressions of affection, this is #realworlddomesticbliss.

2. ThisIsOurHandle


Friends and #realworldgaypornstars, Dale Cooper and Colby Keller, melt for each other in this playfully charged B&W tryst. Buff, fuzzy and adorable, they take their time teasing pleasure from each other all the way up to a crescendo of a climax that leaves them sharing sweet caresses on the floor of a mid-town loft.

3. bilikesscifi


Intrigued by the idea of watching her ample breasts swing mid-#realworldsex, Elizabeth Bi and her fiance introduce a new HD camera into their afternoon delight. Caught up in the yumminess of pleasing her partner, Elizabeth gets lost in the moment until her fiance spins her around and gently bends her over the bed making her scream YES!YES!YES!

4. Ela Darling and Lily Cade

Ela Lily

It’s no secret that #realworldlesbianpornstars and #realworldfriends Ela Darling and Lily Cade are thrilled to finally be having no-holds-barred #realworldsex. Having anxiously awaited Lily’s arrival, Ela finds it impossible to resist Lily’s charms when she shows up for their date dressed as a cowboy – something that drives Texas-native, Ela, wild. Soon stripped down to just boots and chaps, these two take turns devouring each other on Ela’s #realworldbed.

5. bzandgloria


Craving some special time to relax and re-connect, bzandgloria depart on a weekend getaway and bring a sexy friend along to film their fun! All smiles and glowing under soft lamps, they feel their way toward each other and are soon enveloped in a practically-transcendental haze of warm, tender #realworldsex.

6. LilyandDanny

lily danny

In this video, #realworldpornstars and #realworldcouple, Lily Labeau and Danny Wylde, show us that sometimes the hottest #realworldanalsex comes combined with tender bunny-kisses and long looks into each other’s eyes. Waking up in their bed together, these two love-birds take their time emerging from sleepland, only to enter a #realworld waking dream.

7. Annie Ochs

annie ochs

A combination of minxy and bashful, Annie Ochs delights in this bath time #realworldselflove video. An exhibitionist at heart, she allows us to watch her splashing around and letting the warm water envelope her before pleasuring herself while picturing making love to those who might be watching.

8. Having Fun

having fun

Married couple having fun greet each other after work and make it no further than their apartment doorway before leaning in and letting loose. Entryway grinding turns to hallway submission leading to bedroom explorations that are only momentarily interrupted by an errant vibrator and the ensuing burst of laughter.

9. xxxotter


In this breathtaking video, one that really must be seen to be believed, MLNPstar xxxotter engages in a #realworldselflove session where he brings himself to a full-body orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. Taking time to tease himself and indulge in fantasy, his body is a testament to the intricacies of #realworldmalearousal and #realworldmalebeauty.

10. Violet+Rye


violet+rye consider #realworldanalsex – both giving and receiving – to be part of a “healthy, happy and hot” #realworldsexlife. In this video, rye takes a turn on the receiving end and after plenty of tasty kisses and teasing foreplay, violet teaches him (and us) just how pleasurable that can be.

Are you still there?

If by some miracle the answer is ‘yes,’ get thee to a comfy spot where you can MakeiPadLoveNotPorn!

Watched some #realworldsex and ready to film a video of your own? Find some tips here.

Not quite ready to share a video but want to share a lil’ somethin that’ll shows our MLNPstars how they make you feel? Take part in our Instagram challenge.

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