Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Forget Sex in Advertising; How About Advertising in #RealWorldSex?

One of my personal bugbears is the inauthentic portrayal of #realworldsex in movies, television, music videos, popular culture generally, and the area that is my own career background – advertising.

That’s why I loved Barton F Graf 9000’s ad for Ragu and this ad from REN Skincare:

As you might expect from someone who is all about ‘Redesigning The Business Of Advertising‘ we’re going to be taking a rather unique approach to advertising on

So here’s the deal: as long as you embed it in a #realworldsex scenario – by which we mean, involving real people, having sex for real – you can sell anything you want to on And when we say anything, we don’t just mean condoms, sex toys, vibrators – we mean ANYTHING. Any perfectly ordinary household good, product, service – as long as you integrate it entertainingly into a #realworldsex video. The couch they’re doing it on….the lingerie she’s wearing…..the laptop or stereo in the background….the hotel they’re staying at…the enterprise software they’re working on at the office….the airline they’re flying when they join the MileHighClub…anything goes. They say sex sells: well, let’s find out !

For brands and advertisers pioneering enough to consider this, think of the engagement possibilities…and contact We’d love to talk #realworldsex advertising.

PS Eat24, we’re looking at you!

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