Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Are you a ruby on rails javascript developer passionate about our mission? Let’s talk!

As our wonderful members know, we’re very open about the fact that we are a tiny, bootstrapping venture, so very grateful for all of your support as we work together to grow our community, build our business, and spread our vision of celebrating, sharing and talking openly and honestly about #realworldsex worldwide.

We need a very particular form of help.

Is there, anywhere out there, a full-stack Ruby on Rails and JavaScript developer who feels passionately about our mission and who has the desire, the time, and the circumstances to be able to provide development help for free?

We would need you to bring these skills:

  •  mid-level skills with Ruby on Rails
  • strong expertise with HTML5, CSS/LESS, JS
  • a passion for user experience
  • be motivated, communicative, self-directing

You can be based anywhere – in New York, where I and co-founder/CTO Corey Innis are based, would be particularly useful, but otherwise we remote work as a team and across time zones. (Co-founder/UX Lead Oonie Chase is based in Portland, MadamCurator Sarah Beall in Montreal.)

We’re asking for free help because the nature of our venture makes it much more difficult to raise additional funding, than a bootstrapping 9-months-old-in-public-beta startup with 170,000 members and a demonstrable impact in terms of traction, income and social mission would normally experience. (Every aspect of business any other startup can take for granted, we can’t, because the small print, on paper and in people’s minds, always says ‘No adult content’.)

We are focused on lateral and creative ways of raising funds, and so our promise to anyone who is qualified and able to help us on a voluntary basis now, is that as and when we are in a position to do so, this will translate into a paid scenario.

So – if you believe in what we’re doing, are all of the above, and would like to help – please email  We need you – desperately!

2 Responses to “Are you a ruby on rails javascript developer passionate about our mission? Let’s talk!”

  1. Dirk

    Do you have any estimate on what kind of time investment you are asking from the volunteer developer? As much as possible? A day a week? And over what period of time?

    • cindygallop

      Dirk – to be perfectly honest, we’ll be extremely grateful for any time we can get 🙂 for whatever period of time a developer might be able to help out. What you see on the site currently is only 50% of our vision – we have many more features in the pipeline that our bootstrapping status has not yet enabled us to build. It would be great to have help that accelerated that, but we also have a number of user glitches and issues that arise, and just having someone who could help with addressing those in whatever time they could spare would be enormously helpful too. We’d love to talk on more detail – do drop us an email at, we’re happy to skype and chat.


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