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16 #realworldsex videos that make Madam Curator weak in the knees!

Hello darlings, due to the incredible popularity of my original post, 10 videos that make Madam Curator all tingly, I’ve decided to compile a new list of EVEN MORE videos that make me weak in the knees!

1. bzandgloria’s B’n B getaway


Craving some special time to relax and re-connect, bzandgloria depart on a weekend getaway and bring a sexy friend along to film their fun! All smiles and glowing under soft lamps, they feel their way toward each other and are soon enveloped in a practically-transcendental haze of warm, tender #realworldsex.

2. ThisIsOurHandle’s languorous love-fest


Friends and #realworldgaypornstars, Dale Cooper and Colby Keller, melt for each other in this playfully charged B&W tryst. Buff, fuzzy and adorable, they take their time teasing pleasure from each other all the way up to a crescendo of a climax that leaves them sharing sweet caresses on the floor of a mid-town loft.

3. lilycade and Zoe’s pride week lesbian seduction


It’s Pride week and Kara Price’s friend Zoe has decided to celebrate by having her first-ever lesbian experience with none other than lilycade! Nervous at first and not quite sure what to expect, Zoe’s trepidation vanishes as Lily pounces on her, kicking off a near-hour of tender lesbian seduction.

4. EAHeartXO’s explosive orgasms


This video makes me feel funny. You know, down there. Proving once and for all that penis/vagina penetration is not necessary for mind-blowingly hot straight sex, EAHeartXO and partner in crime perversonality quickly tease each other in to a soaking wet frenzy.

5. Fin’s late-afternoon, #stayinbedlovenotporn

Fin 2

MLNPstar Lily Labeau is back! And, this time she’s spending an afternoon in bed with her new lover Fin. The waning light peeking through the blinds decorates these two’s bodies beautifully and the chemistry between them is intense to say the least.

6. April Showers’ greenhouse fun

April showers 1

Brand new MLNPstar, AprilShowers, takes advantage of a beautiful Spring day by getting some gardening done AND enjoying some al fresco #realworldsex! Surprising her husband by watering the greenhouse sans panties, this happy duo are soon making love right out in the fresh air.

7. ALEX-ANNA’s nature trail tryst


ALEX-ANNA stroll along their favorite nature trail, lay down a blanket and make love in the fresh summer air. Beautifully lit by the afternoon light, these two lovebirds don’t let the bugs get in the way of relishing each other and their lush surroundings.

8. Redfox’s kitchen quickie 


With the kids away, Red and Fox realize that for the first time in a long time they have the house to themselves! Peeking around the corner of the living room while Red watches television, Fox beckons her husband to come enjoy a kitchen quickie. Red eagerly obliges, and soon has his wife half-dressed and pinned over the counter just the way she wanted.

9. Lily and Kara’s backdoor exploration 


Friends, occasional lovers and #realworldpornstars LilyandKara, love anal sex. But, they know that pleasurable #realworldanalsex requires the kind of communication and preparation that is rarely given the time of day on-camera. In this long, passionate video watch them show off their vast knowledge of their own bodies and warm up with various toys before they pull each other close and get completely lost in each other’s arms.

10. Brizzleee’s romantic catch-up


Darling 20-something couple, Brizzleee, love nothing more than to spend their free time gazing into each other’s eyes and making love. When this video was made, #realworld obligations had been getting the way of their time together and the happiness and passion they feel as they finally re-connect is more than evident.

11. Richard Coyote’s metime cape-r

Richard Coyote

Tall, adorable and delightfully queer, Richard Coyote makes his debut with a #realworldsex video of him making love to himself. Taking time to conjure up memories of lovers in his mind, he shows us that a session flying solo (in a cape no less) can be extremely satisfying.

12. Modesty Ablaze’s bound threesome 

modesty bliss

Tied up in ropes and blindfolded, Modesty Ablaze becomes a woman unbound. With the artful bondage crafted by lover no. 14 acting as a constant reminder to let go and surrender to her deepest desires, she submits fully to her two lovers. What starts slowly and teasingly, evolves into an intense full-on threesome that shows a liberated woman at her sexual peak. Ending with Modesty crumpled in a ball on the bed, completely satisfied and spent, her confidence will inspire you to push your own limits.

13. Magic lovers’ sexy train trip to the Italian countryside


Passionate Italian couple, Magic Lovers, are so excited about spending a weekend in a hotel room together that they get started on the train.

14. Kara Price’s dressed-up to get-down playtime

Kara me time

Retired #realworldpornstar, Kara Price, just loves the feeling of something against her skin. In this video, she spends an afternoon with friend Lily Cade playing with different outfits and exploring the different ways they make her feel sexual. Entranced by each persona, she seduces herself over and over again.

15. Violet+Rye’s voyeuristic yoga

violet yoga

Paying homage to the everyday domestic truth that your lover becomes irresistible the moment they start doing naked yoga in the living room, this video starts by showcasing violet’s cute ponytail and considerable flexibility. It isn’t long before Rye puts the camera down and joins in, making his first appearance in a beautiful soft-focus moment of backdoor licking that has Violet gasping with delighted surprise.

16. Cato’s after-work romp


One of Cato‘s favorite ways to wind-down after work and enjoy each other’s company is to order delivery and make love while waiting for dinner to arrive. At first taking their time to kiss and simply enjoy being together, they allow a natural intensity to build before making love on every last inch of their bed.

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