Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

The sex lives of real people: Why this site shows what really happens in the bedroom / The Globe and Mail

Written by Zosia Bielski for The Globe and Mail. Originally published October 31, 2013.


Is that where the videos submitted by average couples come in? is a crowd-sourced, user-generated video-sharing platform, which celebrates real-world sex. This is not about performing for the camera, it’s about capturing what goes on in the real world in all its stunning, messy, glorious, silly, beautiful humanness. I and my team curate, we view every video. We have a revenue-sharing business model where you pay to rent the videos and 50 per cent of that income goes to the contributor, the “make-love-not-porn-star.”

This is not anti-porn. I’m tackling this complete absence in our society of an open, healthy, honest, truthful conversation around sex in the real world, which if we had it, would mean that people would bring a real world mindset to the viewing of what’s essentially artificial entertainment. Our mission is to socialize sex, to create a socially acceptable, socially sharable language of sex that you can use to talk openly about what you might like done in bed.

Read the rest here .

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