Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

When I discovered, it was like a light went off: how your #realworldsex videos have helped me regain confidence post-baby and inspired me to reconnect with my partner

Below is a letter member Jess wrote to MLNPstars Violet+Rye about the personal journey she underwent after watching their videos and reading their blog.  Jess then kindly shared it with us, so that our whole community could learn about the transformative power of showcasing #realworldsex online. She would like us to note that she has also been inspired by MLNPstars Redfox and bilikesscifi, among others.

by Jess

The past 6 months have been rocky. Start with some relationship issues stemming from porn use, add some work issues and sprinkle on being immensely pregnant and you have a low-self-esteem postpartum salad.

So picture me sitting inside this sort of melancholy cocktail on the couch breastfeeding continuously, surfing my iPhone all day and being alone with my shitty thoughts…. When I heard about MLNP and explored every nook and cranny of this “world,” (including you).

It was like a light went off. “Holy shit! Other people feel the same way I do about porn!” (Why are the blow job scenes so long? Why are these guys riding around in a bus picking up women? Did she actually cum that way? No…no she couldn’t have… She faked it). 

With that came the realization that everyone else is having real sex, with real boobs, real bodies, real body hair, real conversations, real stretch marks, real interruptions and holy crap REAL ORGASMS!!! Everywhere I went for a while I would see people around me and realize they had real sex too! Like maybe the lady at the bank was really into bondage, or maybe the couple in line at the grocery store with 3 kids liked dressing up in costumes on the weekend….

To be honest I thought that watching you would make me feel worse about myself as Violet seems pretty perfect to me. However after reading your blog I saw how much love and communication you both had. How you “worked” on this part of your relationship as much as all the other parts, you tackled tough issues and opened up to each other.

That’s when it happened, I started liking myself more… I started being a lot more confident in bed and I was determined to make communication a cornerstone of our intimacy and that meant I may have to initiate it myself.

Things are getting better and the fog is clearing. We still have a long way to go but every day we get a little further ahead (when we can manage to have time to ourselves ). I’m hoping to introduce him to MLNP soon, and maybe gift him a Violet+Rye video with a statement like, “Watch this, it’s what we are doing next Sunday!”

I hope this comes close to explaining how you can have an affect on complete strangers just by keeping it real!

Read more inspiring posts by our members and MLNPstars in our #realworldinbox.

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