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I write about sex, but words never paint a picture like this: why we share our #realworldsex on / bilikesscifi

by bilikesscifi. Originally published on their blog and shared with permission.


This last weekend, we recorded and uploaded our 5th video to


Because we like to show real world sexuality. We’re not porn stars and we don’t see this as porn (although we have no problem with porn). We’re doing exactly what we do in our normal lives – just recording it and occasionally sharing it. It’s documentary of what real sex with real bodies looks like. It’s real & pleasurable. I write about sex, but words never paint a picture like this.

Despite my discomfort and uncertainty in showing my body, I’m at heart an exhibitionist and he is too. We love our bodies and are proud of them. It’s important that real bodies are shown having sex.

We like the money. Let’s be honest – money is a nice incentive to share this kind of intimacy. So far with the payments we’ve received this year, we’ve contributed to good causes, upgraded our own equipment, and paid some bills.

This video

Our newest video isn’t sex. It’s not oral sex. There’s no squirting. There’s no kinky foot job. Instead, I give my partner a hand job. We’ve shared a prior video of him getting a hand job from his point of view. (That was the first video we ever made.)

I’ve bragged that I give some of the world’s best hand jobs*. My partner has told me repeatedly that I play with his penis better than he does. This new video on makelovenotporn has a lot of teasing, some ball spanking, a tiny bit of cock biting, and one really powerful full-body orgasm for him at the end. Of all our videos, it’s also the longest we’ve recorded and shared – thirty-six minutes in total. Thirty-four of those are dedicated to his hand-job.

*This is based entirely on my two partners who have told me some form of this compliment.

Read more great posts by our members and MLNPstars in our #realworldinbox.

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