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Thanksgiving special: 16 videos that have Cindy giving thanks

Here in the US, it’s Thanksgiving, and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to give thanks to all our amazing MakeLoveNotPornstars who share their wonderful #realworldsex with us, and to you our equally amazing members who share with us the pleasure of enjoying it! Following on from my first selection of 16 #realworldsex Videos That Get Cindy Going here are my (very) personal picks from more recent submissions. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did – and do!



Let’s face it, France, you’ve got a bit of a rep to keep up when it comes to MakeFrenchLoveNotPorn  – and Luc & Lucie are flying the flag big time! I love that Lucie gets to have three French orgasms in their hotel room in Paris (you’re my kind of man, Luc). Plus this video earns our #condomhot tag, demonstrating that not only do condoms not get in the way of great sex, they can be an integral part of great sex.



Quite frankly, I would watch Dale Cooper do ANYTHING naked. Getting to watch him have #realworldsex in beautifully filmed black and white is just a total bonus.  Also, #condomhot.  And I love his choice of MusicToMakeLoveNotPornTo. It is an ongoing source of sadness for us that so far, for some bizarre reason, we are not getting nearly enough gay submissions. Men, c’mon!  You’re what I want!



More blatant self-interest here. Men, what can I say? I love watching you – and I love watching you getting yourselves off.  I also love alfresco #realworldsex. So Chainsaw hanging out at his sister’s farm in the country on a glorious summer’s day is my all-round idea of a good time. Including the rooster crowing at the beginning!  Of course, it’s even more of a good time when it’s a two-way street and Chainsaw’s girlfriend gets her share of the action too!



#realworldsex is funny. If you can’t laugh at yourselves when you’re having sex, when can you? Chubylovemaking deliver their very own brand of comedy, with a name they coined themselves – oralmor: oral sex + humor.  I laughed till I came.



Foreplay.  Lots and lots and lots of foreplay.  Playing, teasing, exploring. Taking your time…and then taking some more. ALEX-ANNA demonstrate beautifully why it’s all about the journey not the destination. That’s my kind of sexual philosophy.



#realworldsex on a motorcycle. Alex & Anna. What’s not to like?



Sexuality is fluid. One of the fascinating things about #realworldsex is where different partners can take you in the course of a lifetime, and we love the fact that we hear from many of you telling us has given you, and your partners, new ideas on things to try out and experiment with.  Zoe has never made love with a woman before – and on her first time out, it’s Lily Cade. How lucky can a girl get? As Kara Price, wielding the camera, correctly predicts, Lily blows Zoe’s mind (amongst other things….) – in the most wonderful way.  I love all the talking, learning and discovery here. Maybe one of these days….



I love spontaneous #realworldsex – the kind that happens suddenly in the midst of the most mundane tasks. Our Mexican MakeLoveNotPornstars Cato do their grocery-shopping on Saturday morning – but there are more important things to attend to first. Also, can we all agree that stretchmarks are sexy as hell? Because I happen to possess quite a few myself – and I love that here on we get to celebrate #realworldbodies in all their life-lived #realworldglory.


April showers 1

I am a sucker (heh) for outdoor sex – doing, and watching.  It might be my English Literature degree that makes me feel April Showers’ greenhouse romp has a distinctly ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ feel to it, but I am all about getting down amongst the seedlings with a hot gardener!

Honestly – I have enormous trouble picking just a few videos – there are so many I love! Lily LaBeau and Fin starting their relationship in Seattle, bilikesscifi demonstrating the art of the handjob in a gloriously long-drawn-out session that should inspire all of us everywhere, Redfox discovering on Halloween that a horny devil costume turns the two of you into horny devils very very quickly, Annie Ochs discovering that even trying on outfits for Halloween can get you in the moodViolet & Rye taking yoga to the next levelBunnyFucksBearfinding the perfect way to deal with bad days and work stress.

Aaarrggghhh!  Choice trauma!  I’ll just have to put together another special edition come Christmas! By which time I’m hoping a lot more of you will have submitted your own #realworldsex videos, thereby making my task even more difficult…

Find even more picks from the team by browsing our editions!

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