Every time I watch an interview that features Cindy talking about MLNP.TV I wanna jump up and say, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” This business of people hiding out in shame and guilt to watch porn and then feeling like crap at the thought of being exposed is what makes up the majority. Most people can relate to what I just wrote.

How many couples (married or not) tell each other what they REALLY want in bed? I guessing not many since I know from experience #1 it takes a gargantuan leap of trust to allow oneself to become vulnerable enough to even go there and #2, its just plain embarrassing to say out loud, “Well, what I’d really like is to shove a dildo up your ass and one up my pussy while I jerk you off and hump you doggy style till you come all over yourself” or “I wish you’d rub my clit till I get wet and excited and THEN shove your cock inside me…..that feels way better than just jumping on top of me and fucking me like it’s your last supper.”

You know it and I know it – we hesitate for a million different reasons like we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or egos. We feel stupid for asking. We’re afraid they’ll laugh at us or think we’re total skanks for being “so dirty.”

Enter mlnp.tv! Here is where I found #realworldsex that freely explores and reveals openly so viewers can watch and see how much more we have in common – between the sheets, in a car, in the loo, or a jillion other places that all make sense to those enjoying it – than not. Since watching Cindy’s TED talk – my husband and I have gone further in our own exploration and finding it easier and easier to share what we want and how we want it. What’s mind-blowing is how open we already were but didn’t realize how much deeper we could go.

Thank you Cindy for inviting the world to start the conversation with our partners but mostly with ourselves.