Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Meet our sexy new friend, AHAnoir!

Hello darling,

We know just how much you love FunSpontaneousMessyDaringSweetAuthentic #realworldsex and that’s why we’re thrilled to let you in on a special little offer from our good friends at! totally get that #realworldsex is the hottest sex there is, and just like us, they celebrate pleasure as part of everyday life, and curate their offerings in the spirit of #realworld sexual self-discovery.

Being the creative minx you are, I’ve got an inkling you’ve been looking for that perfect little surprise to give a special someone on that upcoming birthday/anniversary/just because day – and honey, you’re in luck! have created limited-time codes for 20% off (plus complimentary U.S. shipping) exclusively for Make Love Not Porn members when using the code MLNP20 at checkout.

When it comes to #realworldsex, more is more we say – so why not tickle your fancy and check out tonight!

With giddy anticipation,

The team


Let AHAnoir and quicken your pulse and spark your imagination…

Add some buzz to your #realworldsexlife.



Get inspired by this countertop romp starring Violet+Rye.


Getting a little slippery can take you places you’ve never been before.

Check out how a little lube leads to a lot of pleasure for bzandgloria.



Sometimes just imagining being touched can be enough to spark a five alarm fire!

Watch how Chainsaw enhance their long distance love with words and vibrations.


Baby, let’s take it slow and sensual.

Seduce yourself like Annie Ochs with leather, sequins and glass.


Why not let the one you love blindfold and tease you until you can’t take it anymore?


Get some pointers from Redfox on how to spend a perfect Thursday night.




#realworldsex can be whatever you want it to be.

Explore your erogenous zones with nipple jewellery and get a little kinky like Lily Cade and Thelma Sleaze during this homespun BDSM ‘scene.”



Sometimes you wish a moment could last forever.

Feel intense attraction and prolonged pleasure like Dale Cooper and Colby Keller in this cinematic love fest.





Playing with power dynamics can take your relationship and intimacy to a whole new level.



Switch things up like Modesty Ablaze and hubby in this domestic domination.

Modesty Ablaze

Oh, and P.S., don’t forget to let us share in the fun by showing off your sexy purchase and how well you use it in a #realworldsex video of your own on!


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