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Are All Generative Business a Little Naughty? The case of MLNP / Authentic Organizations

Editorial note from Cindy:   

While many wonderful people support our disruptive social mission for MLNP, not many people realize we designed a deliberately disruptive business model to achieve it. We are thrilled and grateful for CV Harquail’s extraordinarily perceptive article about how we are reinventing business – all the more so because we have never talked to her about MLNP directly, and we had no idea she was writing this. She totally gets it.

By CV Harquail. Originally published in Authentic Organizations on April 4, 2014.


No startup challenges our norms about “appropriate” business more than MakeLoveNotPorn.

MakeLoveNotPorn (MLNP) is a user-generated crowdsourced video platform that celebrates “real world sex”. MLNP is a legal, lucrative, and liberatory disruptor of the adult entertainment industry. It’s also a profoundly generative business.

MLNP is generative not because it’s naughty, but because of how it’s naughty.

MLNP disobeys our culture’s norms about how a for-profit business should behave.

MLNP deliberately disregards the central claim of capitalism: that companies should focus their energy on what will build their profits. Instead, MLNP is growing its own business while transforming how we think about business relationships, how we share what we learn, how we create value, how we capture value, and how we define our roles within our network and community.

MLNP flaunts a generative, full frontal ambition: to make money, create opportunity, share value, and transform the ways that we talk about, think about, and enjoy sex.

Read the entire piece here!  

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