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Sharing our #realworldsex on has made us better lovers!

Hello!  We are AllenandtheJean, married for nearly a decade, and madly-in-love.  We have an amazing sex life, full of real-hot-sex and lots of orgasms.  Recently, we decided to open up our bedroom door and share it with you. Allen has had a photography & videography hobby for some time now and we are putting it to good use.  He was, and is, obsessed with good lighting and getting the perfect shot. 

Given that we had the equipment and endowments to make a decent video, we started to think, “hey maybe we can do this”.


We’d always enjoyed listening to TEDx talks, and when we came across the Cindy Gallop talk about Make Love Not Porn, our interest was piqued.  Let us explain. We enjoy some mainstream porn, we even had a couple of favorite producers and actors we followed, but we knew it was staged, acted, and typically disingenuous sex.

The actors in the videos might not even truly like each other, but still have to work together and create a false sense of intimacy.  Sometimes that comes through on film.  Sex becomes a job. 

Many of them love their jobs of course,  but we wanted something more. And thanks to Cindy Gallop, we found it.  We now enjoy watching people who truly care about each othehaving fantastic sex.

Both of us had also been in relationships where we had to “retrain” the other partner about realistic sex, and not simply try re-enacting what they saw in porn videos.  We could totally relate to Cindy’s stories about this.
Allen Jean
But there is more!  We love Cindy’s team, and Cindy herself.  She is not afraid to tackle tough subjects by the balls, and speak up!  Jean is a domestic violence survivor from a previous relationship, and we were especially touched by Cindy’s drive to make #realworldsex safe!   This is such an important topic that many people avoid. Cindy did not avoid it, she didn’t cower at the potential of bad publicity, no — she openly talked about it, and stood up for what she believed in.  THIS is yet another reason why we chose to put our videos on Anybody, whether they are a domestic violence survivor or not, can have a fantastic sex life!  There is hope.  There is always hope. Deciding is one thing, but DOING is another.
It took us over a year to get up the nerve to post any of our own videos.  We were watching from afar following the MLNPStars and reading about their joys of filming realworldsex.  We kept in touch with Cindy, Madam Curator, and Violet + Rye on Twitter. 

One of the things we LOVE about MLNP, is that people didn’t always have to show their faces.  They could hide their identity by wearing masks, or through careful editing.  

We had a sex video we created once, so long ago, and had never shown another soul.  We decided to edit it, and we eventually said “What the heck, let’s do it”.  We made an alias (“Allen and the Jean” was born) and posted it.  This was our experiment, our litmus test.  Would this work?  Would people actually rent and enjoy our video?  Yes they did!  And then we did another one, and another, and another, each getting better than the last — we are having a blast making videos for you!
One of these days, we may get up the nerve to remove our masks or show our faces, but at this time, we cannot risk the potential of being recognized.  It could affect our professional lives and careers.  We know Cindy and the MLNP team are trying to change the world by having an open dialogue about sex, real sex, and drive social change.  We are TOTALLY on board.  We just wish the rest of the world would be too. Someday perhaps.

How has becoming MLNPstars changed our lives?

We are definitely having more, and better sex.  There is the sex you see in our videos, and there are other moments of spontaneous sex where we completely forget to turn on the camera.  It’s the middle-of-the-night, and we wake up in each other’s arms as if we were both having the same erotic dream.  Then of course, it’s too dark to shoot, but not too dark to ride the moonlight.  Sometimes we get worked up just discussing ideas for the next video.   We get … ahem … distracted.


We talk about our sex more!  We’ve started discussing our sexual techniques more often.  We’ve been married a very long time, and it can be easy to fall into a sexual rut, or comfort zone, and have the same sex over and over.  

Watching ourselves as we edit our videos, helped spark discussions about our “bedroom olympics”, our likes and dislikes, our preferences, which moves drive us crazy, and which moves are, well… “meh”. etc.

It’s wonderful to have that open and honest feedback from your partner, and feel safe and secure in voicing your opinions.  How exciting it is, to take that newfound information into the bedroom, and rock the socks off of your partner in ways you’d never done before!  It has made us better lovers, and we are continuing to grow closer and more intimate.

#realworldbodies – We are making a more serious effort to get fit and eat healthier foods.  It is amazing how watching a video of yourself naked makes you question your perceived fitness health.  Standing up, or fully clothed, Jean feels she looks pretty darn good.  On her back with legs in the air?  Well that’s a little less flattering at times.  It takes some courage and self-confidence seeing yourself at these angles.  However, this is #realworldsex, and there is no hiding reality.  Admittedly, there is a bit of a self-esteem boost, knowing that so many other people do enjoy our videos, and the bodies they see.  However, we assure you, we still are making improvements in the fitness department while continuing to make videos.

Where do we go from here?

All and all our experience sharing our amazing sex life through has been fantastic.  We look to continue to make sexy videos and help shape the community and culture of #realworldsex.  Look for more blog entries from us.  We want to share what we know and what we’ve experienced with you.  We also want you to ride along as we experience new things in the future.  Thank you for enjoying our videos and providing such positive feedback.  We look forward to helping take real sex to the next level.
Thank you to Cindy, Sarah, and the team for all that you do!  We are so glad you are “blowing shit up!”  and we are proud to be a part of it!

Read more guest posts from our MLNPstars in the MLNPstars Speak section of this blog!

3 Responses to “Sharing our #realworldsex on has made us better lovers!”

  1. healthysexinmarriage

    Loved reading your post. Found myself (and hubby) in few similar dilemmas and, as you said, the moment we post it (the video), there’s a breeze of freedom and an air of confidence surrounding us. Yes! Becoming a MLNPstar can be a life changing experience. It definitely helps with intimacy and (equally important) with the need to keep our bodies in shape.
    Thank you for the reading! 🙂
    Doris xoxo


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