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To our wonderful community: we love you so much!


As many of you know, sadly, we continue to be plagued by the streaming issues that meant we had to take the site down for a while back in May, and which have continued inconsistently since we brought it back up in June.

The last thing we want to deliver: frustration

The inconsistency is why these issues have proven so tricky to solve. We’ve been hearing from you, and encountering ourselves, a wide range of odd streaming behavior. Some members have no problems at all watching free peeks and videos; some can watch free peeks but have issues with videos; some have trouble streaming one MakeLoveNotPornstar’s video but no problem with another from the same MLNPstar.  Some members report that playing in Safari or Internet Explorer works (odd since historically we’ve performed better in Chrome and Firefox) – others have the opposite experience. Sometimes just clicking repeatedly on the video makes it play eventually. But all of this adds up to a highly aggravating user experience, and not in any way the smooth, painless, friction-free, pleasurable streaming experience we want you all to have!

As our longstanding members know, because we are tiny, bootstrapping and fighting a battle to build this business, as Fast Company reported and the Daily Beast covered we don’t have the kind of resources bigger companies are able to throw at technical problems, so it does take us longer.

Relief is in sight!

We do however have some good news. We have brought additional resource on to fix this once and for all, and while we know we’ve been saying this for some time, we do now anticipate that within the next few weeks we will finally have this fixed.  Rest assured we will be emailing all of you the very minute it is, and asking you to rent and stream your hearts out!

We also can’t wait to get it fixed, because then we can get on with building the other things we want to deliver for you – the monthly subscription model a lot of you have been asking for and we are very keen to implement, the ability to view on Android phones and tablets not just iPhones and iPads, the ability to bookmark videos and store all rentals and bookmarks in what we call your Happy Place, and a host of features that are yet to come.

But the point of this post is especially to do two things:


As a tiny bootstrapping startup, MLNP customer service consists of me, MadamCurator Sarah Beall  and intern Ariel Martinez. We die inside every time we hear from any one of you about the streaming problems you’re encountering, we race to respond as quickly as we can, and we are, quite frankly, virtually brought to tears by the lovely, lovely things you say to us when we do – cheering us on, telling us how much you love the idea of MLNP and to keep the faith, saying you’re happy to wait for us to solve our problems. Your belief in us is what keeps us going, and every day we are so grateful to have such a very special community that believes, like us, that you can change the world through creating more healthy openness around #realworldsex.


We treasure all of you who share your fabulousmessywonderfulridiculousbeautifulfunnygloriouscrazyhuman #realworldsex with us, and are bearing with us through all of this – particularly as we have a huge stockpile of new videos building up from current and new MakeLoveNotPornstars that we are not able to publish while our streaming issues continue.  We will be releasing them as soon as we possibly can!

Thank you to our kind volunteer developers

We have been so touched, while struggling with these technical issues, to find that many of our community are developers, who have reached out kindly offering volunteer help. We would have loved to have been able to take advantage of this, but because of our limited resources we have not been operating a programming environment that would make it easy to bring volunteers in. The work we are now doing means that in the future, we will be able to take advantage of those very kind offers more easily  – we’ve logged everyone who offered, and we will be calling on you some time further down the line at the right juncture!

Thank you to those of you who believe in us enough to want to invest

Because we want you to have the best possible experience going forwards, we are in the process of raising a round of funding to enable us to build out MLNP to realize our complete vision (what you see currently is only halfway there).  Open-minded investors for a venture like ours take quite a lot of finding, as you can probably imagine, but I’m happy to say we are finding them and in a dialogue with a number of interested parties.

We are enormously touched by the fact that a number of you have written to ask if we are in a position to take small investors. While our funding dialogues are playing out (and are likely to be for some time – this is not a quick process) we aren’t in a situation to confirm this right now, but we would like nothing more than to have our own members participate.

Please email and let me know the level you would like to invest at, and we will keep you posted on how this plays out.

We are so grateful

We’re playing the long game here, and we’re so thankful all of you are here to play it with us too. As the Apple ad says, ‘The people crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.’

Cindy, Corey, Oonie, Sarah

7 Responses to “To our wonderful community: we love you so much!”

  1. Hal Pheeney

    Hang in there and don’t let technology ruin your good work and efforts on our behalf.

  2. Alfie

    Cindy, I know its off topic but watching you taking off your black dress was the horniest thing I have seen for years, any chance of a bit more xx

    • cindygallop

      Heh heh – thank you Alfie, I’m deeply flattered! 🙂 I’m afraid not right now 😦 We’re regularly asked whether we plan to use our own platform, and that’s absolutely a discussion we had as a team before we launched. There are varying views within the team 😉 but what we did all agree, as a team, was that we are already fighting every day to build a controversial venture; at this stage of our lifecycle, as we battle to get MLNP accepted and welcomed as the positive social mission and happiness- and life-enhancing business that it is, it wouldn’t benefit us from a business perspective – so it’s a purely business decision.

      If we can scale and grow MLNP in the way that we want to, one day…who knows? 🙂

  3. UpstateNY

    I have wondered if there is something in our anti-virus that is causing these problems or maybe our ISPs are the culprit.


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