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MLNP Stars Speak: When Parrot & I Come Out to Play, We Come Out Swinging!


by Bobbie Morgan (aka Ms. Quote) of MLNPstars Parrot99 on A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind.

Parrot and I love our sex swing. I mean really, really love it! Ever since he got the idea to hook it up to an over-the-door chinup bar from we’ve had fun with it at home and on our travels. If only the walls could talk in this hotel room in Monterey, not to mention what the couples in the adjoining rooms were probably saying. Then there was that time when Parrot (AKA Jack) was briefly detained by a TSA agent when he had our swing in his carry-on bag one of the times he came out to see me.
Being the cheeky and mischievous MakeLoveNotPornStars that we are, we just had to capture the moment on video one Sunday morning in our latest Make Love Not Porn (MNLP) video, Une Demoiselle Sur un Baloncoire (A Girl on a Swing). If you’ve ever been on a sex swing, you know how having sex suspended in mid-air is mind-blowing. The best way I can describe it is that it’s a hallucinatory, orgasmically overloaded experience that makes your entire body feel like it has turned into Jell-O, all of which you’ll see in this video.
Since we made our big brave decision to go semi-public with our first video a about a year ago, we’ve become even bigger fans of MLNP. We think our videos and many other MLNP videos are hotter than any other videos you’ll see on traditional porn sites. They feature real people having real sex. Sure, the lighting and camera angles may not always be perfect, especially when couples like us are “performers” and camera people all at the same time. What videos like ours and most MLNP videos lack in polished perfection they more than make up for it in spades with passion and authenticity. We’re not people trying to act like porn stars. We’re just people — gay, straight, lesbian, kinky, vanilla, old, young, gorgeous, average looking, married, friends and lovers — who have really great sex.
Parrot and I are also big fans of MLNP’s business model. With every $5 three-week video rental, half goes to the member who posted the video and half goes to MLNP. We love and feel comfortable with the diligence that MLNP puts into verifying that everyone that appears in a MLNP has consented to be in it or semi-pubic distribution, that anyone renting a video has to be a member, and it’s virtually impossible for the videos to be leaked out for public distribution.

As for the swing, we’re taking it out again in a couple of weeks.

We’re also having way too much fun coming up with ideas for making our next MLNP videos, too.

To see all of our videos, check out Parrot’s profile (Parrot99) at Make Love Not Porn.

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