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Why we need MakeVideoGamesLoveNotPorn – and more female game designers / Cosmopolitan

Parents with teenage sons playing Grand Theft Auto, and everyone else – WATCH THIS CLIP

Written by Megan Friedman for Cosmopolitan. Originally published on December 18th, 2014. 


“The New, Graphic First-Person Sex With Hookers in “Grand Theft Auto V” Is Seriously Disturbing

Nobody plays a Grand Theft Auto game to get a lesson in morality. The massively successful game series has been the subject of countless outraged op-eds about its graphic sex and violence since its debut in 1997. Nearly two decades in, the outcry is only going to get louder, just in time for the holidays: Rockstar Games’ update of GTA V includes first-person mode, which means first-person sex and violence.

The first-person mode is already getting rave reviews, for its vibrant, detailed graphics, and for enhancing “raw thrill-seeking” gameplay elements like jumping out of a plane and fist-fighting. The color of your world even changes if you put sunglasses on your character. But some critics are noting the first-person mode makes the controversial moments feel a little too real. “Hoo boy,” Kotaku notes in its review. “GTA‘s infamous violence and sex both take on a whole new potency when viewed through the first-person perspective.” You can open fire on innocent people in shocking, gory detail. And, of course, you can have sex with a prostitute up-close; all the action was obscured behind closed doors previously.

It’s a deliberately provocative move from a deliberately provocative game, and it’s sure to get parents concerned. In 2005, they got a lot of flak for featuring a sex minigame called “Hot Coffee,” which they later pulled. But if these parents were letting young kids play Grand Theft Auto before this, they probably should think about their priorities. After all, you could kill the prostitute just as easily before first-person mode came along.”

Watch the incredibly NSFW video here.

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