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An update from MLNPstars Violet+Rye / Uncommon Appetites

by Violet+Rye on their blog Uncommon Appetites.

An Update re: Us.

You deserve an update.

If you’ve been with us for a while, then you know this here blog was once filled with more words than photos. Then a mix of both, then some videos, then some words occasionally. And now, it’s just a photo every now and again and little else. Which is great. Better than nothing on here. But certainly different.

The words slowed for the same reason the posts did lately. Time. We just don’t have much of it to spare. We’ve been vague about why. And with good reason, as we’re protective of our anonymity and value privacy, even in sharing these highly personal details (and photos) of our life with you.

Screenshot from 2014-11-27 18:19:02

So let’s not be vague. In the past year, we moved out of Brooklyn. Out of the city entirely. Then we started a business together. And we basically had no free time until very recently. The revelation of a life outside of Brooklyn came a bit out of nowhere. We never had any serious issues with living there. We loved the city. The friends we made. Some of the jobs we had. The buildings. The food. The bars. Almost everything. But ultimately, we finally were able to look at it all from a distance. And a life in NYC was never something we saw ourselves doing forever. And if you don’t see yourself doing it forever, then why not do something new? So, rather abruptly, we did just that.


We had an idea for a business. We spent a long time laying out plans. And then we jumped.The business has been a success. Our new living arrangements are lovely. The new town we live in is charming and so different and we’re really enjoying a change of pace. Working together feels like we’re somehow cheating the universe, getting to hang out all day, make weird jokes, actually see each other more than a few hours a week. It’s different now. And we like it.

violet yoga

Sure, we can’t tell you all the specifics, but it felt dishonest to just pretend it’s all the same around these parts as its always been. So there you have it.

We still fuck. We just share it less. Because time. But we’ll soon be back to sharing it more. Soon.

We’re so excited to share this update from Violet+Rye because we’re going to have a new video from them soon! In the meantime, be sure to check out the rest of their #realworldsex videos, their blog, and their twitter feed.

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