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Sharing our #realworldsex on has become a much more significant part of our sex lives than we could ever have imagined!

By MLNPstars Redfox 

After two years of being part of the MLNP universe, we thought it appropriate to reflect on our journey so far. In other words we felt we should write some stuff about it! Back in the summer when the dreaded gremlins struck the MLNP network, something became gradually more and more apparent to us.

We came to realize that making and contributing our MLNP videos had become a much more significant part of our sex lives than either one of us could ever have imagined.


God, we missed the excitement of uploading our newest videos during that time. Almost two years ago we uploaded our first video to the network; to be honest we treated it as a kind of sexual experiment as neither of us had participated in anything like it before. We have always been open to new ideas sexually, but the idea of others watching us having sex had never occurred to us. We genuinely did not know if we would be ‘turned on’ or ‘terrified’ if someone actually rented that first video! During those first few days we had no intention of repeating the process…..but we did. And then we did it again, and again and again.  Over a twelve month period I think we uploaded 6 or maybe 7 videos (Sarah will have the stats!). It quickly became clear that we were more comfortable with the idea than we thought possible.

So what changed in terms of our attitudes and approach to the whole thing?

Firstly we both appreciated what the site was trying to do, and it prompted us to have some really interesting conversations around our attitudes to sex and porn; it also generated an added spark to our sex lives.


We’ve been together for 19 years, and our sex life has always been good, but this new element really added something new.  Having a family and working long hours can take its toll on any relationship, and sometimes it can be hard to find the energy to spend quality physical time with your partner.  But we quickly found that setting some time aside to film ourselves really turned both of us on…a great deal.

We found (and still find) that the anticipation was and is almost as good as the act of filming itself.  We would tease each other with texts about what we would like to try next, and where, and how and what we would use, etc.  Those kind of texts can really brighten up a long day at work!  Sometimes we got so turned on messaging each other that we didn’t get to the filming part at all – by the time we got home we just went for it.  But isn’t that kind of the point.  We have always treated our filming as just a chance to spend quality time with each other, giving each other pleasure and then getting pleasure from watching our finished videos back later.  There is an added thrill to think that others might get turned on and enjoy watching our videos, but that certainly isn’t the primary motivation for making them.  After almost 20 years together we thought we had exhausted the sex manual….we were wrong!


Making our videos has also made us even more honest about what we want from each other sexually.  We are more open and honest with each other than ever; we are comfortable sharing the most intimate of secrets and fantasies, even more than before, and we have some great times lying together watching our videos back, reflecting on the experiences we had filming and getting turned on all over again!

We feel that every member of MLNP who has contributed videos deserves a round of applause; promoting #realworldsex is positive and worthy of our investment.  Every MLNP member will have their own tastes and approach things in their own way – we love making and sharing our videos but being honest we don’t really rent other videos, not because we don’t like them but because it just isn’t our thing….right now.

We have been very lucky to be able to treat our family with our MLNP earnings so we decided this year that we would contribute a portion of our earnings each payday to the site. In this way we feel that we are giving something back to something we have benefitted greatly from, and it helps us be more comfortable with the fact that we aren’t renting any of the other videos at this point in time.

In the future we may well decide to dive in and explore the experiences of the other MLNP members, but for now making and sharing is our thing.


 So how far have we come in our time with MLNP?  Well if someone had told us two years ago that today we would have shared 15 videos of our most intimate experiences with around 4000 people I think you might guess our response. But that is what has happened, and we feel really good about it.  We still have some way to go, and we still have our hang ups.  We were talking about this with Sarah the other day; for some reason we are fine with sharing explicit sexual images, but the cuddling and private stuff after….for now that’s still just for us.  It may sound weird but we are still growing in confidence with regards to what we will share, and while we truly love the experience, some small bits are still for our eyes only!  But I think we have grown in the last two years and have become braver with our videos and I think that will continue to develop into year three.


So there you go, our ramblings are complete.  We hope our experiences with MLNP continue into year three.  We feel really lucky to have had so much fun over the last two years.

Anyone out there who reads this and thinks ‘I’d never do that’, might find themselves where we are in a couple of years time.  Have fun filming folks, and if there are watchers out there who have enjoyed our videos so far, well then that is absolutely great.

Take care,


Watch Redfox’s brand new video here!

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