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8 ways to make sex an awkwardness-free topic of conversation for your kids / Everyday Feminism

Written by Janet Allon for Everyday Feminism.  Originally published September 20th, 2014.

“Not so long ago, my son went into some detail about how he was going to deflower his girlfriend and what kind of condom he would use. I did not need to hear that. He did so in front of my (relatively new) boyfriend, who was fairly dumbfounded and, I suspect, did not need to hear it either.

If you want to achieve the same kind of open and occasionally cringe-inducing dialogue I have with my spawn, here are my tips for how to talk to your kids about sex.

1. Often

It’s not just one big talk; it’s an ongoing series of conversations. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. There is no perfect moment.

Also, it’s too big of a topic to cover in one conversation. Too much pressure on everyone. Normalize it. Bring it up. Take any and all questions, frequently.

2. Way Before They — Or You — Are Ready

Don’t wait too long. They’re already talking to their friends and getting some weird combo of information and misinformation.

Don’t dread it. Don’t make it an “it.” Even if they put their hands over their ears the first couple of times you bring up the topic of sex, believe me, they’re interested and they are listening.”


To read the other 6 hilarious and too, too real items on Janet’s list, check out the rest of her piece here

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