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Are there any innovative startups in the porn/adult industry? / Hacker News



Originally published 97 days ago on Hacker News.

Cindy Gallop’s “Make Love Not Porn” is trying to solve some of the issues around the rise of Internet pornography (addiction, detachment from intimacy, unrealistic/degrading portrayal of women, etc).

She’s approaching it from a great, sex-positive way but is having issues whenever the company touches the “regular world” – hard to get funding, taken seriously by non-adult industry people, payment processing, etc.

The “problems” in Internet porn do not appear related to reducing barriers to access or better tech, but in solving issues with how people cope with sudden, instant access to a historically unprecedented amount of material.

Yet again, porn is trending ahead of regular tech use, which is also starting to deal with the same issues of addiction, information overload, how to monetize premium content in the face of a vast universe of free, tech saturation causing detachment and loss of intimacy (and the controversy over whether it does any of these in the first place).”



To read more about other innovations in the porn/sextech arena, check out the rest of the forum here.

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