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Lost your MOJO? Your definitive guide to the sextech revolution / Badoink

Written by Joseph Viney for BaDoink.  Originally published January 16th, 2015.

“When we talk to you about the ‘SexTech Revolution’ you might wonder just what it is we mean.

Are we about to be enslaved by a bunch of walking battle droids, not dissimilar to Star Wars’ AT-ATs, with raging metal phalluses; intent on orgasmic destruction?

Erm, well… no, not exactly. In fact, when it comes to the SexTech Revolution then you, our dear readers, may already be a part of it. You might not be a totally active player or participant just yet, but there’s no escaping the simple fact – 2015 is the year of SexTech. You’d be crazy not to jump on this bandwagon.

But ask yourself before you continue: do you really understand what SexTech is? It isn’t as simple as moving all of your old mags and clippings onto a digital format. It’s about the evolution of human sexuality, taking advantage of the privileges afforded to us by research, experimentation and free thought. It is the design and manipulation of technology led by human intention.

The world and society at large is primed for it already. Our lives have quickly become dominated by technology, sometimes cornering us, rabidly demanding our attention. Sex and pornography, particularly when it comes to the internet, are both growing exponentially, despite the best efforts of miserable, grey and faceless boardroom hustlers who seem intent on quashing YOUR good time.

What we’re facing is the acceleration of the fruition of the convergence of sex and technology. The two are starting to become inextricably linked.”

Read more about the world of sextech, and why you should care, here.

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