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TEDxUbud:MakeIndonesianLoveNotPorn’/ inBali

Written by Liam Kennedy for inBali. Originally published on February 10th, 2015.


MakeLoveNotPorn’s founder and CEO Cindy Gallop was recently featured in a roundup of the top speakers and presenters at TedXUbud which is considered one of the top 14 Tedx set ups out of the 10,000 that take place annually. We’re thrilled to share this wonderful summary of Cindy’s infamous speaking platform with you!

“As mentioned in our introduction to TEDxUbud, Cindy’s career has seen her develop several very successful businesses and be awarded Advertising Woman of the Year.

Cindy took ownership of the stage the moment she stepped up. Her experiential narrative about how pornography has taken over our society and resulted in porn ‘memes’ that sneak into the bedroom, led the audience, giggling curiously and a little nervously, down the very path of misdirection that she intended.

Indonesia is notoriously conservative when it comes to the discussion of sex. Despite having a rich history of sexual celebration, Indonesia has such a mashup of influences that there is trepidation and confusion at all stages of sex and sexuality. While you can find endless shops selling phallic bottle openers and candlesticks, pornography is illegal.

Baring too much flesh is frowned upon and technically illegal in the country (falling under the category of pornography), yet in the not-too-distant history of the Bali, almost every woman would have been topless while at work or at home, and quite often in the more rural areas the elderly Balinese women still are. The result of these contradictions is an unhealthy approach to sex and sexuality in a country that, before the ban on pornography, developed one of the highest levels of traffic toward MakeLoveNotPorn.

Cindy’s mission statement is to open a healthy discussion that narrows the separation between real world sex and online pornography. MakeLoveNotPorn is not designed to create an alternative, amateur pornography, the movement encourages users to keep it real, in the interest of changing the face of modern pornography for the better. Cindy discusses some of the funny scenarios that everyone experiences in sex, but that no-one ever talks about before ending her talk with a rallying cry: “Social disruption, talk about sex; business disruption, innovate around it; and cultural disruption, […] make Indonesian love, not porn.”

The talk is well worth a watch for an upbeat, light-hearted approach to a genuinely groundbreaking movement. This is something that needs to be discussed, particularly in Indonesia.”


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