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MLNPstars LoveandLasagna serve up tasty food and mouth-watering #realworldsex!

You might have noticed MLNPstars LoveandLasagna‘s (formerly Cato) adorable name change– but did you know they just launched a blog where they combine their love of great sex and good food? Read Mini & Miel dish about what they’ve been up cooking up for you!

cato 2

Mini says:

We decided to sign-up to Make Love Not Porn at the pre-launch stage. Though we didn’t fully comprehend at the time the true potential that the project has to make an impact to the world — and to our lives — we kind of ‘heard the calling’ and followed suit. We knew that we wanted to be a part of it, and contribute to it’s mission.

That’s why we really didn’t planned anything in advance. Our username ended up being just some random word that somehow reflected us (Cato), but it always felt it was missing something. Later, this led us to reflect about why we were sharing videos of us naked, making love, in our most intimate and, as society told us since we were kids, our most “obscene” moments together, that are meant to be kept shamefully in secret.


We quickly realized that we were doing it because we’re proud of our love, and also because we’re a couple of very sexual human beings, and we like to share it with others.

The time we spend together feels like it’s never enough, and we discovered that it’s about time to look for ways of living that allow us to be together and do good for ourselves and others.

Cooking is a passion that we both share, and we’re good at it. Both of us had the joy to be taught by our families about how cooking is an act of love, so we naturally love to cook together. Our typical weekend never lacks cooking, even the smallest and simplest things; and of course, making love.


So everything came together one night: if we were going to continue sharing the things we love doing together, we should really reflect them, specially cooking and making love. And how should we call it? Well, if someone asks us on a typical Monday what we did on the weekend, our typical answer would be something like: “We Made Love and Lasagna.” Nailed it.

Of course we’ll continue publishing videos on Make Love Not Porn, but our handle now is LoveandLasagna. We also set up our blog where you will find lots of delicious cooking and fucking, and other things we love. Hope you enjoy it and share with us as well!


Miel says:

WeMadeLoveandLasagna represents a beautiful and fun combination of things we love to do. The lasagna part is a little metaphor about our relationship. Why? Well, both involve a lot of ingredients which make it delicious, complicated and rich.

When we started to post on MLNP we didn’t know exactly how to choose a name, so Cato happened. But now is time to take the chance and change it into something that represent us.


The beauty about cooking is the alchemy behind it. The more complex the recipe, the more fun you have, and the accomplishment of watching someone being part of that act, half art half scientific ritual, eating it… In a way, it’s a lot like having sex with someone special, it’s a process, an exchange of chemical reactions mixed with beautiful feelings that end up in a nice and comforting feeling. It’s also like eating something really delicious. Sharing them together is beautiful and makes us feel closer to each other.

Go see what LoveandLasagna are cooking up over on their blog and make sure to check out their equally delicious #realworldsex videos!

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