Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Meet MLNPstars, Rickat!

Hello, we are Rickat (Rick+Kat) and we love #realworldsex. We love making love. We love watching others make love. We are a real world married couple with kids and full-time jobs who don’t get much time or opportunity to “hang out” or even watch TV. We love having sex though and we do make sure to find time for that!

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.32.26 PM

Our journey to MLNP started last summer when we had both have grown extremely tired of watching nasty, free porn that was all the same – same ugly, same fake, same booooooring stuff that didn’t really excite anymore. During that time, Rick discovered the amateur porn as his favorite category and stopped watching commercial porn altogether. And then he started showing me the ones he really liked – and by golly, it was good stuff! The quality was lacking, and most had pretty bad lighting but the sex was real and we both felt like peeping Toms and both were really excited once again!

 Then we decided to see if we could make our own. We got out our semi-ancient digital camera, dusted off the tripod and shot our very first movie. It turned out so well that we shot another one. And then we went and bought a new decent camcorder. I started buying body stockings and corsets, fervently wrote in my “movie idea book” thinking of scenarios and frames.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.31.20 PM

We didn’t worry about being corny or the golden rule of “not looking at the camera” since it was only for our use – to watch before making love to get in the mood, Rick used the videos for masturbation sessions and I was always looking at our movies trying to see what works and what doesn’t, what to try again with better light or different outfit etc. Slowly I became the writer, director, cinematographer and a star of these home gems. Then I decided to try editing and it turned out I can do it all.

 Disillusioned with all the “tubes” since our stuff looked better than anything we found there I briefly joined the website featuring really beautiful art porn. It was just a matter of time before we wanted to try making something along those lines ourselves.

But it wasn’t until the NYC Porn Festival where we met Cindy Gallop and saw the selection of videos from MLNP website that we were truly inspired. We couldn’t believe how close the philosophy and principles guiding the community are to our own when it comes to making love and recording it. We simply had to try it for ourselves!

 We took all the guidelines to heart and decided to make a video this time with intention to post it on MLNP. Shooting our first “real” movie that we knew others will see was very exciting. Luckily we had a few experiences under our belt and the camera no longer intimidates us. Being able to see what we are shooting (thanks to integrated technological advances like viewing it on the remote screen) while we were in the act gave it a special excitement factor and we truly felt like we were being watched. Since we often take on multiple roles in the process (star, director, audience) it truly felt visceral and otherworldly.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.30.42 PM

We always thought that if everyone had such good sex the world wouldn’t have half as many problems. We have been thinking how we can pass on our legacy and show how we do it and maybe embolden others to try and discover their own way to feeling desired, loved, celebrated, worshipped, devoured, but also being active in the act of love.

I love dressing up, it becomes part of my foreplay, like a ritual, my mind clears and prepares to receive pleasure and to give pleasure. It also deals nicely with my bodily insecurities and helps me deal with imperfections which later on bothers me less when I see them on camera. Rick is covered in tattoos and I always say it’s his body art, his body “stocking”, no need for further dress up – though I do have some dress up ideas bubbling in my head for future projects 😉


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.31.35 PM

We hope this story gives everyone a bit of context and inspires to make hotter, sweeter and bolder love not porn all around.

With love,

Katrina and Rick

We’re so thrilled to have you here, Rickat! Rent their steaming hot #realworldsex video to show them a big welcome, right here!

3 Responses to “Meet MLNPstars, Rickat!”

  1. Keithandkel

    Love it! Everything about them is real and wonderful and sexy! Thanks for sharing–you inspire us!


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