Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

I want passion. I want beauty. I want love. And you know where it is? Right here on MLNP. MLNPstars Rickat on the making of ‘Full Moon Swoon’

By MLNPstar Kat of Rickat.

“Full Moon Swoon” is a sequel to Morning Glory” – hence the same outfit and accessories. We wanted to have this whole day and night experience and feel. It was shot at night with an industrial strength light and it was really hot. I mean HOT – literally. We learned a lot about lighting for videos. Needless to say we will soon be investing in some COOL professional soft box lights or two.

fullmoonswoon1I want to spend a moment to talk about my new fascination with editing. It’s time consuming and at times confusing work – especially when you have more than one angle shot at the same time. The process of selecting the best stuff that should make it into the final movie is sometimes heartbreaking. In this particular case I have some portions that had to be cut out completely because they didn’t “flow” with the rest of the video — plus I was really trying to keep it under 1hr. We love your flow but we also love how #realworldsex doesn’t need to happen like it does in the movies to be crazy hot! Feel free to leave more in next time! xo Madam Curator

I had 3.5 hours of material (each part was shot with 2-3 cameras simultaneously) – some of which was clearly in between stuff not only the goodies. I took one of these “extra” scenes and threw it into the intro, because I found it hilarious and I hope you will too. Yes, yes, yes! We love in-between moments and bloopers. There’s nothing sexier than a good laugh – keep it coming! xo Madam Curator.


While the final video is all glorified and beautiful – we are regular people just trying to have fun with it. So sometimes funny things happen and we laugh our butts off. This one by far is my favorite “blooper” so far.

Since the lighting we used was incandescent and warm it gave all the scenes a bit of a golden glow. I decided to take it a step up and rendered all the clips into vibrant sepia but didn’t erase other colors – so you can still see the blues and greens whenever they appear. I have a lot of new ideas for the future – now that I have a decent handle on the programs I am using.

I never would have learned all of this if it wasn’t for the motivation to make the movies look and feel a certain way. I had these programs for years and never really had a reason to mess with video editing. And now that I opened that chapter – I learned something new and have another creative tool in my toolbox. With each new video I feel like my wings are spreading wider and I can do more and better each time. And that’s a good feeling.


I also watch movies and shows now with a new appreciation for the editors, directors, camera men and all the work that goes into making it look good in the end. I look at colors, lighting and sequences with my mouth open at times, because I SEE now and I APPRECIATE much more. Always took it for granted. No more!

And needless to say I cannot stomach porn videos at this point. Period. I don’t think I can ever watch it again with the same mindless hunger for satisfaction. I want more out of it now. I want passion. I want beauty. I want love. And you know where it is? Right here on MLNP. I am really grateful for the chain of events that led us to the NYC Porn Film Festival and MLNP. We were inspired to inspire in return. And if that’s not art then I don’t know what is.

Watch Rickat’s latest, “Full Moon Swoon” and then be sure to check out all of their #realworldsex videos!

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