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Here’s Why 4 Couples Are Filming Themselves Using Sex Toys / Mic

Written by Kate Hakala for Mic. Originally published on June 18th, 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.04.28 PM

“The best sex is always the realest. So why not get real about sex toys?

That’s the idea behind Make Toytime Love Not Porn, the first-ever video sex toy reviews, created by and Refinery29. MakeLoveNotPorn, an online platform for real-life sex videos, is letting real-life couples test out sex toys and review them — and, yes, it’s all caught on camera.

“While written reviews of sex toys are a huge help when it comes to knowing what’s new on the market, buying a new vibrator is akin to starting a new sexual relationship,” Sarah Beall, curator for MakeLoveNotPorn, told Mic in an email.

And that relationship should be curious, honest and totally shame-free.

Fun with toys: The MakeToytime Love Not Porn videos, unveiled earlier this month, let viewers along for the ride as couples test how certain toys are used and the kind of pleasure they deliver. After all, not all toys are created for the same purposes, Beall told Mic.

“You have to learn how to press the right buttons. You have to experiment with different settings before you’ll hit on the one that works best for you … like with any lover you really dig, you’re not just going to give up after the first try,” she said.

Continue reading about our #ToyTime sex toy video reviews here and watch the videos here!

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