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Girl Crush: Jean’s first #realworldsex encounter with a woman

By MLNPstar Jean of AllenandtheJean.

Jean had always considered herself heterosexual. She liked men. Eventually, after dating a bit, she decided she specifically liked Allen. They fell in love and got married. End of story.

Or was it?

Jean had girlfriends. Sure. Girls, who were friends. Acquaintances, casual friends, work friends, close friends, and even best friends. But she never had a girl become more than that to her. One day, all that changed, and she had to rethink everything. 


She never went looking for a sexual relationship with another woman. Certainly Allen joked how fun it might be to have a “threesome” – don’t all straight men have this little fantasy at some point? She laughed it off. Sure, there were nights, out dancing, when everyone was deep into their cups, flirting, laughing, and kissing, but it was innocent. It was just all in good drunken fun. The girls would kiss and caress more than the guys would. Because the guys usually liked to watch. They would watch, and smile, and Jean and her friend would put on a show, just to egg the guys on. But it didn’t mean anything, right? Their clothes would stay on, nothing indecent. Just the allure, the flirtatious fun, the bump and grind, the dip, the cozy familiarity that best friends have, and the occasional kiss on the lips.  But no tongue, right? Or what the heck? Once in while there was tongue, and it tasted so good, but it was just a tease. Wasn’t it? It was just night time. Night time mixed with wine. Wine, laughter, fun, and sexual energy. We were all sexual beings, weren’t we? We knew who was really going home with whom. By the morning light, all that craziness would fade. In the sober light of day, these feelings would not last. Right? 

But sometimes the ache, the longing, it didn’t fade. And the attraction blazed in the broad light of day.


Allen and the Jean have no secrets from one another. They discuss. Everything. No topic is off limits.  Just complete honesty, respect, and transparency. That’s what makes their relationship so absolutely solid, strong, and bulletproof. And so Allen and the Jean started to think about it. To fantasize what these evenings might evolve into. How would it affect them? They decided what they would and wouldn’t do, or allow. Safe sex prevailed of course. Their open-mindedness, has led to some amazing opportunities. Over the years, there have been a few women, a lucky few, welcome into their bed. And afterwards? Allen and the Jean still had each other, and they could smile in remembrance of their adventures.

It is amazing, that feeling, watching your lover with someone else, or them watching you, and then all of you getting to be together. It was Just. So. Fucking. Hot! Incredibly Hot!

They met more and more people with this same mindset. Sex is not taboo everywhere. There are places, groups, and alternative lifestyle conferences where Jean could kiss all the girls she wanted, and did. Allen still likes to smile and watch. Sometimes he joins in, if all parties permit. If not, that’s okay too. Allen was totally okay with his wife’s newfound bisexuality. It just made their sex more passionate, and more intense. 


Meet Sinn Sage. Sinn is a two-time AVN Award winner (2013 Best Girl-Girl Scene and 2015 All Girl Performer of the Year), has the most amazing, beautiful, spankable butt, and is honestly one of the most genuine and lovely spirits you could meet! Sinn and Jean met a few years ago at a conference. They were fast friends, always smiling, laughing, and giggling. Over the years they ran into each other and always seemed to end up kissing, whether it be in a hot tub, or in a pool. Jean really enjoys how Sinn French kisses. She consumes your mouth with a hunger and energy that cannot be denied. Jean and Sinn had an electrifying connection and great chemistry. So they decided to shoot a video of their first time together, for 


The sex was SO hot, and lengthy, that by the end of their rambunctious playtime, both of Allen’s cameras overheated. Watch them explore each other and revel in their bodies as they finally unite in…

Jean Sinns & Love Wins Part 1

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